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  • 3/9/2014 :: Fishing Report.

    Posted by simplecircuit on March 10, 2014 at 6:55 pm

    Quick trip to the lower end of the lake on Sunday afternoon.
    To my surprise, there was only 1 other trailer at Elm Hill when I got there at 3:00. Water temps on the lower end ranged from 46 on the main lake to 51 in some shallow areas and pockets. I started fishing the point mid-way back on the left side [looking to the back] in Hamilton Creek. Throwing an umbrella rig in 20-30ft, didn’t catch anything. Water was a little off color. Visibility was what I would consider low. Then ran to Sailboat Cove. Fished shallow with crankbaits and spinnerbait. Nothing there. Fished the pocket between Oriental Point and Sailboat Cove. Nothing there on crankbaits, but did have a really big follower [looked like a largemouth, not a striper] on the umbrella rig. Ran to the pocket between the bluffs at Elm Hill. Cranked shallow to no avail. The water was clear towards the mouth, and really stained further back in the pocket. Water temps in there were in the mid to upper 40’s. After running back and forth around the lake for a few mins just to burn some gas [want to start fresh next week], I idled back into Elm Hill Marine. I started throwing a flat sided crankbait in red/orange craw pattern to pea-gravel banks and finally had a fish load up. After a relatively short fight, I had the fish in the boat – 18.5inches, extremely fat with a beat up tail [seems a little early for that]. If I had to guess it went 3.5-4lbs [my selfie with me and the fish is really embarrassing]. I fished around the shallow parts of the marina for the next 30 mins and caught a short buck bass on pea gravel with scattered rocks, then had another shake off on the same stuff. Unfortunately, I figured this out a little too late in the day. Before leaving, I found a huge school of fish suspended in about 20ft off the end of the roadbed. They wouldn’t hit a deep diving jerkbait or the umbrella rig. I think with some more time, I could have figured them out, but it was cold by that point. Overall a kind of hit or miss day. It was nice being on the lake with hardly anyone fishing the lower end. I did see a couple boats. One fishing main lake points with jerkbaits and the other drop-shotting bluffs.

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