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  • Posted by Brian on August 6, 2018 at 3:02 am

    Last night I finished the First Noel tournament from 6 p.m. to 1 a.m. It was a very frustrating night for me as the last few nights have been. I found fish and could not get them to bite. Then I struggled to get anything going after dark.

    Our first spot was at the Weakley lane bridge. The water temperature was 86 degrees. I picked up an Alabama Rig and cast around the pillar. I had a couple quick bites without any that connected. Then my client and I both tried topwater lures with small poppers in silver and a Heddon Junior spook in sexy shad color. We caught two fast, but they were short. After 10 minutes without a bite we decided to move towards Lamar Hill and scan the ridge in front of Lamar Hill Cove.

    As I idled over I saw a massive school of bass on top of the ridge in 14 feet of water. I was ecstatic and told my client when we get the school fired up you’ve got to move fast. I told him to get the fish in the boat, throw him in the livewell then cast back out because they may not feed for very long. We backed off and started throwing to the school. I tried Strike King 6xd in sexy shad, 6″ Strike King sexy spoon, shaky head with a green pumpkin trick worm, Alabama Rig, and a spook on the surface. My client tried a crankbait and caught one out of 8 to 10 ft of water. It was short, but it was something. I was beginning to get very frustrated as I could not get this school fired up. It was 630pm….the perfect time for the fish to start feeding. I scanned over the hump again while my client cast his shaky head and hooked into a good largemouth. He fought it to the boat and I netted a 3 pounder! I thought we might finally get them schooled up, but they never bit again! It was so hard to stay and so hard to leave because I knew they were down there.

    Nevertheless, I decide to move and go to the right point across from the Youth Inc camp where we caught fish the day before on my morning trip with the birthday boy. Again, there were fish everywhere! I knew somewhere hybrid, and white bass, but there were still bass in the mix and feeding on the surface near the bank. I caught two on my spook that were too short to keep. We went back and forth for 45 minutes fishing anywhere from 2 to 15 ft with all the same lures, but could not get any to commit! It was a frustrating first hour and a half and it was getting dark. I pulled the trolling motor up and traveled to Four Corners to try the hump in front of the no wake zone.

    Casting shaky heads and half ounce Hoppy’s spinnerbait with a pumpkin twin tail grub we had zero success. I kept the boat in 15 to 20 ft fishing into 3 to 12ft.

    Next we moved over to the point to the right of the no wake zone. We tried shaky heads around the entire point all the way to the back of the marina where the Four Corners restaurant is. We never had a single bite!

    I motored over to the little island next to Bird Island and we cast shaky heads and 3 to 8 feet of water to the boulder rocks around the island. We had 3 bites and caught two short fish.

    Next we moved to the second cut through and fished in the middle up to the left point. We caught 3 bass there including one more keeper, but could never get a good keeper bite! We headed in just a few minutes before the end to avoid traffic. Mixed emotions on the night. Fishing definitely has its ups and downs. Hopefully tomorrow night’s better when I try the Monday night tournament again.

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