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  • Posted by Brian on April 27, 2017 at 4:45 am

    Fished this morning from 7 – 10:30 a.m. It’s been my first time out since the waters has come up. It was five and a half feet above summer pool this morning and currently four and a half feet, so they are pulling very aggressively. The temp was between 62 and 68 for me throughout the day. From Fate Sanders to Bryants Grove was completely muddy with logs. Once you got beyond Bryan’s Grove it cleared up outside of the channel and was more fishable. I actually started at the second cut through where I caught fish my last time out. Today I tried a Strike King 6XD in purple, gree, shad pattern. Casting to the long shoal that comes up to 8 feet right now i never had a bite. After 20 minutes I pulled up the trolling motor and headed to the clearer water. I pulled up to the big point at Bryant’s Grove off the main channel and tried to fish the current, but there was too much wood to fish effectively. I kept my boat in 12 feet and cast it into 6 at the tree line. Next I cut over to LaVergne pump house and tried my 6XD all around the pump house where the water was rushing by and to the right on the next point. The visibility there was 1.5 feet …….much better. After fishing with my crankbait and a half ounce wobble head with a black and blue Big Bite swimming craw without a bite I moved to my next spot. I took a straight shot across the cut through to the little opening in between the islands. Yiu usually can’t get your boat through this area, but now it’s 5 feet. I continued with my crankbait for a while until I was digging the bottom. I switched over to a shaky head and flipped a Zoom green pumpkin trick worm to the tree line on the right all the way to the island ended. I ended in between both islands on the other side. I cast to the sandy point off the island where big boulders come out in 6 -10ft currently. I had one bite their that did not commit and then a few cast later i caught a small keeper on my trick worm. I pulled up the trolling motor and cruise to the east side of Mousetail Island where I have been catching fish prior to the rain. I stayed off the bank just like I did before and fished a 50 yard stretch. I only had one bite for another short keeper. He came out of 8 feet of water around the boulder rocks. I moved to the third point on the right if you were coming out of
    Four Corners Marina. It’s the longest point that comes out the furthest. I fished the up lake side of the bank where there’s a long rocky fencerow that parallels the bank for 75 yards. I cast my shaky head in 4 – 6 feet while sitting 10 feet…… never had a single bite. As you can tell I moved around a lot in 3.5 hours. I tried flipping and deeper for a little, but neither were real productive for me. Tomorrow I’m going to go down lake in the Hamilton Creek, Smith Springs Creek and possibly Suggs Creek to fish even clearer water. With the clouds im going to try flukes and shaky heads. Hopefully we’ll find a bunch of quality bass. Ill post how it goes.

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  • errwik

    April 27, 2017 at 7:00 pm

    We went out yesterday afternoon and were able to catch 6 off yellow and white spinner baits. I was using a 3/8 OZ terminator spinner with 2 blades, one gold one silver. The wind was rough but casting into the trees and grasses produced some fish. Hopefully the water will be back down soon.

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