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    Posted by Brian on April 29, 2015 at 9:25 pm

    Yesterday I went out of Flippers with 2 clients at 630am. We launched the boat and headed up lake to the powerline cove on the right. The water at the mouth was muddy, ripping down the lake and 53 degrees. Once we.entered the cove the water calmed, was clear with 1.5ft vis. and 56 degrees! We started with black and blue sinkos rigged wacky with a rubberband in the center. Sitting on 3ft-8ft and casting to the boulder rocks, wood, and weeds on the bank, we caught 7, including 2 nice keepers! The bass came out of 2ft.

    Next we moved to the cove one up on the left from the steam plant. The water was able to flow a little in there off the main channel so it was pretty muddy and 54 degrees. We start on the point in the center of the cove and fished the rocks towards the back. There are boulder rocks that come out 5 yards off the bank for 50 yards. Sitting in 8ft and casting into 2ft my client caught another good keeper on a Texas rig baby brush hog(red bug color)!

    We moved down lake into the first cove on the right pass Bulls Creek and fished the weeds on the point. In 5 minutes we plucked on short fish out of the weeds in 4ft on a blk/Blu sinko before the wind picked up and we decided to move.

    I motored into Station Camp into ski cove and fished the back right corner. The water was clearer, but stained with 1.5ft vis. and 60 degrees! Fishing near the bank 1ft-5ft with our soft plastics we zero back there. It was not until we headed to the rip rap on the right point where we started getting bites. Casting our shaky heads we had 4 bites, but were unable to hook up. I moved further into the creek and stopped on the second point with rip rap where the channel swings up against. Again with are shaky heads and Texas rigs we sat in 8ft and cast to the boulder rocks in 4ft. I had one good fish on that wrapped about a log and hung me up. We had 1 other bite there in 4ft and then maybe another move.

    Our last spot was Bulls Creek cove. We idled to the back near the bridge where th water was clear and 61. Fishing the rip rap and bridge pillars we caught 2 in 3ft on a shaky head/green trick work and the other on a chartreuse shad kvd 1.5 crankbait. With just a few minutes left we trolled to the main left point of the cove. I kept the boat in 15ft and we cast into 2ft. We caught one short fish and them my client hooked into a 5lb with his Texas rig, red bug, baby brushhog!!! He pulled the fis to the surface, made a jump and shook the hook:(

    All and all, okay day with some great guys!

    brian-graves replied 9 years, 2 months ago 1 Member · 1 Reply
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  • brian-graves

    May 1, 2015 at 9:00 pm

    Looking at the water temps and based on my brothers crappie results the other day it looks like we still may be a few days before the crappie bit starts. He caught 2 keepers on Friday 4/24 and the water temps were around 55 degrees. One of the two keepers he caught was a female with a real small egg sack. Maybe next week will kick it in with the warmer weather.

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