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  • Posted by Brian on April 10, 2015 at 3:11 am

    The last couple days I have had a couple bass trips. Both were fished at the same spots.

    I finally made the move mid lake and started fishing some of my favorite spring areas. I have caught one 4lb fish in the A-rig and on 2.5lb on a spook, but all the rest of the fish we have caught have been on 1/4oz shaky heads with 6 3/4″ Zoom Trick Worms in green pumpkin/green flake.

    The first spot that we have been fishing is the bank on the right just past the long point(this is the third point) coming from Four Corners Marina. I have been keeping the boat in 5ft-8ft and making long cast into shallow water, dragging back slowly. Each day we catch 4-10 fish here.

    Another spot that has been productive has been the right bank just passed the next point towards the cut through. Keeping the boat in 6ft and casting into 2ft we have been catching several small and large keepers! Both these two banks are VERY rocky……you almost get stuck every 5ft, but after several minutes your get a bite.

    The third and last spot that has been producing a lot and BIG fish has been the back side of Mouse Tail Island(the next island down from Ponderosa towards the bridge). On the skinny side of the island(facing Long Hunter) and north bank(towards Hobson Pike bridge), there is a little cove with boulder rocks and sand. Fishing the entire cove sitting in 5ft-9ft and casting to the bank with our shaky heads we have been catching 4-8 bass, including a 5lb and 6lb the last two trips!!!

    There are many other areas I like to fish mid and down lake, but this has been all I needed this week!

    I love dead sticking bass this time of year!!!

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