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  • Posted by Brian on August 2, 2017 at 2:11 am

    Yesterday morning after sleeping on the pontoon boat for two hours from fishing the night before I got up at 5am, took the dog for a walk, and then jumped into the bass boat. I wanted to head up lake since there was a lot of water entering from the East Fork. Water temperature was 82 degrees with a lot of fog. After I passed Jefferson Pike Bridge I made the left turn around the bend and after your next right turn in the bend I fished the entire first flat on the right. There was a lot of debris and trash on the surface, but there was also tons of shad and bass surfacing. I tied on a Whopper plopper 110 in sexy shad. I started casting in 1 – 3ft with the boat in 5 – 7 ft. First 5 minutes I had 2 blow ups, but they missed the hooks. Over the next 100 yards I caught 3 short bass around 14 inches and watched several other feed around me. I was encouraged and felt I could find more bank just like this bank. I motored up to the next flat on the left and fished for 40 yards, but there was no debris or shad to be seen. I went back to the first flat. There was one area where there were bubbles about the size of a car. The bubbles were very slowly doing circles from the current. I made a long cast with my Whopper plopper past the bubble. In the middle the bubbles was where all the water was turning slowly and as soon as my Whopper plopper reached the middle, BOOM!!! I set the hook and watch a 4lb largemouth jump 3ft out of the water. I fought him all the way to the boat, swung him in, then put him on the scales. It was an awesome experience to have him blow up right where you think there should be one. There was mud bubbles flying all over the place when he broke the surface. I continued around for another 20 minutes and then decided to get back to the drawing board. I motored up to the next big flat on the right past my second spot. There were several backwashed bubbles with debris on this bank too. I caught 3 short fish in 1- 3 ft of water on the same whopper proper. My last spot in the river was at the East and West Fork split. I fished all around the island and the flat in between without any action. I pulled up the trolling moto and headed to the mouth of Lamar Hill. I scanned and found a lot of scattered fish on the left point that drops off into the main channel. I threw a buoy out where I saw the most bass in 12 ft and then backed off into 18 feet of water and started casting a crankbait. I was casting a chartreuse and black Norman Depp Little N. After 5 minutes I felt like my lure wasn’t get down deep enough so I put on a sexy shad Strike King 6XD. My third cast I got one a little over 15 inches. I continued with the crankbait without any success and then tried a shaky head and caught another quickly. I scanned some more just to make sure they were still down there and after finding quite a few I decided to try a drop shot…. something I’ve been wanting to do for the last couple weeks. I put on a 3/16 vertical D’S weight and a number 2 Eagle Claw hook with a finesse Zoom purple worm. My worm was 18 inches up for the weight. First cast around my buey I hooked a 14 inch bass. Dragging slowly with small twitches I caught another 10 minutes later. After 15 minutes I caught another fish. It was fun fishing a drop shot since I’ve been wanting to after watching a lot of Major League Fishing. Looks like we got a lot of rain, clouds, and cooler temperatures in the forecast. Should be awesome for topwater action. I can’t wait!

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