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  • Posted by Brian on August 10, 2016 at 12:28 pm

    Yesterday I was on the lake early for 4 hours. We primary fished for bass, but did do a little crappie fishing. The water temperature was 88 degrees!

    This was a father-son trip and they just wanted to have a good time before the son went off for his first year at UT. We pulled up to Jones Mill long point and I started explaining how I was looking for schools of bass and white bass beneath the surface that would hopefully come up and start feeding on the surface. After 2 minutes it looked like a circus all around us! There were fish busting shad everywhere. I jumped to the deck and handed out rods with poppers, and rattle traps in sexy shad pattern and I grabbed a Strike King wide eye 4″ swimbait. Casting to the schools the popper started dominating over the other baits. White bass and bass were slamming the lures! I switched over to a red and white 5.5″ Heddon Spook Jr and started jerking some jaws. None of the fish were very big, but the excitement was phenomenal! The feeding went on for around 45 minutes and then we pulled out plastic worms and fishing the Jones Mill point/ ledge. Casting 1/4oz shaky heads with Zoom Trick worms in green pumpkin and a Zoom Magnum Trick worm in green pumpkin we were never able to entice a bite. This was disappointing because we scanned a couple dozens bass sitting right in front of the green buoy and to the right a little.

    Next, I motored up to the little hump in front of Fate Sanders next to the little red buoy. As I started scanning I found 2 decent schools underneath shad in 11ft. Excited, I tossed a buoy out in hopes of whacking some bass……nada. We sat there for 30 minutes trying to get them to bite and even watched another school come to the surface, but could not get them to bite either:(

    I motored over to the long point at the mouth of Stewarts Creek and scanned ANOTHER decent school on top of the point. We grabbed our worms and started casting into 10ft-12ft while sitting in the channel in 25+ft…….nada. Later in the day I had a friend posted a picture of a nice bass caught off that point!

    I cruised over to the Weakley lane bridge to look for some schoolers, but only found huge chucks of concrete falling from the work above. Some of these could have easily killed someone!!! They need a sign say falling rocks or something!!! BE CAREFUL GUYS!

    So at this point I have found 3 schools of bass that I could not get to bite and decided to give up on that pattern. I headed to the Youth Inc area and stopped on 3 trees on top of the hump in 12ft-14ft. We started casting 1/8oz Crappie Magnets in green/chart and pearl/black flake. Like the bass each tree was loaded with crappie, but we were only able to pulled a few slabs out. On a side note, while crappie fishing I saw several bass on this hump as well.

    Our last spot was the little NO WAKE island/hump just inside of Fate Sanders. I parked the boat in 10ft and we made long cast with our plastic worms into 4ft dragging back over the boulders. During the 30 yard stretch we had 2 bites and one one that unbuttoned after setting the hook.

    All and all, okay day. The morning action saved the trip. The action was awesome and we had a blast! After the sun rose it was a typical August day. The bass were hunkered down not wanting to move. You either have to catching them while they are feeding or sit still and wait for one to decide to eat.

    I will on family vacation for the next week can not promise I’ll get any reports up. However, I will try to post any action that comes across my plate from my guides.


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