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  • Posted by Brian on August 12, 2017 at 10:35 pm

    Last night I fished with two regular clients from 9 to 2:30 in the morning. We caught around a dozen fish with four or five keepers. Fishing with Hoppy’s 1/2oz and 3/4oz black/blue and black/pink Emerald spinnerbaits along with Texas Rig and shaky head trick worms and ring fries we fished about 8 different spots throughout night. We started down lake at the cut through in between the island in front of Nashville Shores. We fished the right point keeping the boat in 13 – 14 feet and casting into 8 ft. We lost one bass on a spinnerbait that shook the lure and two others that got off on a Texas Rig ring fry. Next we moved over to Nashville Shores hump and fished in between the rock buoys and the PVC pole. Sitting in 16 to 25ft throwing up into 3ft we caught zero, but that stinky weed grass that smells like garlic. I need to look up this type of grass…. I’ve ever seen it before. Next we moved across the channel to the bluff wall just to the left of the TWRA Cove. There is a point that comes out into 16 ft of water. With our spinnerbaits and worms and never had a bite. We kept the boat in 15 ft and cast of into 5 ft. I motored back up lake and we tried the cove on the left just after Hobson Pike bridge. On the main point before it goes back further into the cove we kept the boat in 10 to 13 feet of water and cast into 4 to 6 ft. What caught 4 bass here including one keeper. These boulders rocks come off the point come all the way out into 12 ft. Next we move to the power lines back under Hobson Pike bridge to the left. I put the boat in 15 to 16 feet of water and we fished underneath the metal stand. We were probably casting in about 8 foot and we caught one on a spinnerbait and missed two on plastic worms. After that we moved to Hotel /Motel and fished the closest Island from where we were on the left side(on the back side). I kept the boat in 10 to 12 feet of water while we cast up to the sand point that extends off. There’s tons of stumps and wood and rock on this bar and we caught two solid keepers in the 2.5-3lb range and lost another. Our last spot was the big long point at Bryant’s Grove that extends out into the main Channel with a green buoy at the end. We focused on the point where it drops off on the right. The boat was in 8-15 feet of water when we caught four, including another keeper. We fished the bank down to right where it meets the main channel. On the break we caught two off the ledge on our spinnerbaits….both were short. It was 2:30 and we called it a night. 18 hours of fishing was enough for me.

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