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  • Posted by Brian on August 18, 2015 at 5:52 pm

    Went out Sunday after church with BCGS guide, Trey Neal. With the clouds, rain, and cooler temperatures we wanted to spend some time shallow after checking a few deep areas.

    We motored under the Weakley Lane bridge, down the long bluff wall on the right to the end where there is a green channel buoy on the other side of the channel. There is a rocky point/rise around the buoy where we marked several fish on the drop off from 14ft into 30ft. We backed off and made long cast with a Strike King 6xd(citrus shad) and a 1/2oz swing head jig with a green pumpkin Rage Craw. We made a dozen cast to the bass, but could not get any to react so we packed it up.

    Next we moved to the mouth of Fall Creek. We scanned the mouth where it meets the main channel near the green channel buoy. We found a few hanging on the rock point/ledge and decided to give them a try. Casting the same lures we had one good bite on the swing head jig in 8ft. 15 minutes without a bite…time to move.

    Over on the flat in between the Spring and Fall Creek we idled to the back right corner near the island. Last week there were tons of bass feeding there. I tied on Hoppy’s Hawg Buzz buzzbait and Trey tried a Heddon red/white spook. After 5 minutes without a bite and not one shad flickering……time to move.

    I cruised off the flat and headed up lake. After passing the bluff wall on the left we noticed some action on the surface at the end of the bluff where it transition to a shallow flat with baby cypress trees. We shut the motor off and set the trolling motor down. I picked up a 5/16oz swing head with a ZOOM 10″ Ol Monster plum worm. I sat in 12ft and made cast to the bank into 4ft where the rocks ends. The first 10 cast I had 5 bites that I could not set the hook into. Finally, I stuck the fish playing with me…..1.5lb. There were bait and bass busting the surface in 1ft-2ft further back near the cypress trees. Trey hooked and lost 2 while fighting to the boat. We tried topwater spooks and swimbaits without any bites and decided to try another area.

    We motored up lake near the Smyrna pump house. We stopped at the end of the bluff wall on the right just before the pump house. We picked up a green/white SPRO frog and a black buzzbait and started casting into 1ft while trolling in 3ft-5ft. After 50 yards and fishing every log, stump, and rock……BOOM! Trey hooks into a 3.5lb largemouth that completely inhaled his frog! He swung him into the boat for pictures! We continued fishing up lake and into the Smyrna cut thought on the right. As we reached more shallow wood 50 yards into the cut through…BOOM, another 2.5lb largemouth on my buzzbait! Just 15 yards further into the cut through on the left…POW, Trey caught another 3.5lb largemouth out of 1ft on his frog! We fished down 50 more yards and then had to take in.

    All and all, great day on the water. We found a couple bass deep although we could not get them to bite, and then was able to find a concrete shallow pattern! I love fishing deep, but when the bass move shallow and start feeding for fall……its hard to beat!

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