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  • Posted by Brian on August 19, 2014 at 12:23 am

    The other day I had a great trip with a gentlemen from West Monroe, LA. We started at 6am and fished until 12pm. The numbers were not great, but the size was pretty good. For the day we caught 12, including 6 keepers!

    We started our trip at the flat between Spring and Fall Creek. As I idled onto the back right flat and into 5ft of water I watched the surface for any activity. The shad were not surfacing shallow like they were the other day, but it was 6:15am instead of the afternoon like last trip. I scanned in deeper water 4ft-6ft and found the bait. I shut the motor off and we grabbed a Hoppy’s 3/8 white buzzbait and a Strike King Red Eye shad(chrome and blue) rattle trap. Sitting in 6ft and casting into 2ft-3ft, we fan cast without a bite and then we caught our first bass(13″) on the rattle trap. We fished a little longer without anymore activity and packed it up.

    Next, we fished the Smyrna pump house rip rap. Starting on the point closest to the cut through we stayed 10 yards off the rocks and flipped 7/16oz swing jigs with Big Bite Craws(Bama Bug color). We fished the entire rip rap bank with zero bites and hit the road.

    I motored back to the Weakley Lane bridge and stopped on the hump on the left just passed the bridge. Casting our swing jigs(which we are selling now, but not up on the website yet) we kept the boat in 14ft and casting into 8ft-11ft. After 10 minutes, BOOM……3lb largemouth in the boat! 5 minutes later, GULP…2lb on same lure. The next 25 minutes we missed 2 more and saddled up.

    Our next and best spot was the hump just to the left of Fate Sanders. We planted the boat in 16ft and started casting up to the rock hump in 12ft. Still fishing with our swing jigs, within 10 minutes my client landed a 3lb followed by a 2.5lb moments later. It calmed down for 20 minutes and then I caught two 2lbs back to back with a brown and red flake craw! 25 minutes later we caught 3 more short fish. I do not know why, but we decided to move.

    I moved over to the big point/ledge at the end of the Bryant’s Grove bluff wall. Never scanned any fish, but still took a few cast with no luck and then decided to move.

    We went back to our productive hump outside FS, but now there was two boat there. We headed into Stewart’s Creek and fished the long point on the right. Sitting out in front of the white PVC pipes at the end of the point we cast our swing jigs. After 10 minutes…..SLAM, my client caught another 3lb! We fished for another 20 minutes without another bite and headed to the ramp.

    All and all great day!

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