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  • Posted by Brian on August 27, 2015 at 4:01 am

    Yesterday I had a ball on the water with one of our newest members…Chris and his wife Brittnee Herron. With north winds and a clear sky without a single cloud, I expressed to them it might be tough today.

    We started at the main channel point in front of Stewarts Creek where the water was 81 degrees. I scanned for 10 minutes 50 yards off the bank and found several schools of bass on top of the point in 12ft-14ft. I chucked out a buoy, backed off, and started casting 1/4oz shaky heads with red and black Zoom Trick worms and a big jig. We dragged and snagged for 20 minutes trying a Strike King 6xd crankbait in citrus shad color here and there……no takers.

    Next, we moved down-lake through the second cut through(past Fate Sanders) and stopped on the 15ft hump just passed the cut through. We marked a few bass on top of the the hump and stopped to take a few cast. After 15 minutes without a bite on our worms and jigs we moved over to the cove across from the Youth Inc camp.

    Starting on the right point of the cove near the green buoy we grabbed our worms and jigs again. We fished the entire point and down 100 yards into the cove trying spinnerbaits here and there in 1ft-4ft……nada.

    We motored back up lake and stopped on the hump in front of Lamar Hill Cove. Sitting in 18ft-20ft and casting to the rocks in 12ft-15ft, we dragged our worms and jigs for 30 minutes with only 1 good bite that did not hook up.

    Over in Spring Creek we went into the cove on the right at the split near the mouth. Once we reached the back left corner of the cove I dropped the trolling motor and we started casting 1/4oz shaky heads with blk/red Trick worms and a 1/2oz Strike King chrome sexy shad rattle trap. I kept the boat in 5ft while we cast to the bank. Just 5 minutes in Brittnee hooked into a nice keeper with a huge belly! While she was reeling her fish in Chris hooked up as well. He fought his bass for a few seconds before it unbuttoned. We had a few more bites on the left point and then idled around to the back of the cove. I hooked into 2 little bass with my rattle traps and Chris caught another short bass out of 2ft-3ft. More and more bait were skipping and breaking the surface, however we were not getting as many bites as I felt we should have. We fished the remaining of the cove and packed it up.

    Next, we motored into Fall Creek past the boat ramp. After passing the boat ramp and following the channel to the right we stopped on the rocky bank on the right. We stuck with our shaky heads keeping the boat in 10ft-13ft and cast into 2ft-4ft. After 10 minutes Brittnee hooked into a giant! After setting the hook the 5+lb monster jumper out of the water! She perfectly fought the fish to the boat allowing me to net him! Picture time!!! Moments later Chris set the hook on a good fish, but it came off. Few cast later I caught a 2lb on a shaky head. We fished down the bank further and it was no time before Brittnee had another fish on. She fought it for a few seconds before it jumped out of the water and shook the hook…2.5lb! The next 25 minutes we fished down the bluff wall without any action. I cut across the channel to the left bank. We stopped on the next point and started whacking them again! There is a rocky shoal that comes out from the point 20 yards. It’s 5ft on one side of the point, 3ft on top, and 8ft on the other side. We cast our worms and…..POW…SLAM….BOOM!!! We caught fish after fish for 30 minutes! It was a ball watching them reel them in, while I plucked a few. After the bite slowed down we fished back further near the 840 bridge with a few bites, but nothing major. We packed it up to hit one more spot.

    We flew down lake and stopped under the Weakly Lane bridge. As soon as we stopped the bass went nuts in the shade. I tied on yellow and white flukes for them and they threw in the middle of the action. Here we go again…..they both were reeling one every few seconds. Usually these fish are smaller, but today we caught several 2lb-2.5lb! They caught around 8-10 in 30 minutes and we headed in!

    All and all. Another great day on the water! My confidence is growing in shallower water. It seems the bait and bigger bass are starting to find themselves in coves and creeks!

    Got some great video of the day on the GoPro for the Elite Videos. For more information go to

    krogers79 replied 8 years, 9 months ago 2 Members · 3 Replies
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  • krogers79

    August 27, 2015 at 3:35 pm

    I can back-up the shallow bite as well. I have been absolutely slamming them in less than 5 ft of water on traps, squarebills, and c-rigged Senkos. Had a couple of days with over 30 fish caught and numerous doubles and a couple of triples on rattle traps. Size has been hit or miss, but I have seen a best 5 of 14 lbs on a trip.

  • blockel

    August 27, 2015 at 4:16 pm

    Geez, lighting ’em up guys! I saw the pictures you posted of this trip on Facebook, Brian. Definitely caught some fatties, congrats! I can’t believe how far back in the creeks the fish seem to be already.

    Krogers, I assume you’re fishing the upper part of the lake as well?

  • krogers79

    August 27, 2015 at 6:41 pm

    I am indeed. I haven’t been past Hong Kong in 4 weeks, but I may venture up there on Saturday morning.

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