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  • Posted by Brian on August 28, 2018 at 3:07 am

    Today I had the privilege of taking out the discipleship leader from my church! We had a great day full of fellowship while catching a few bass.

    We left Fate Sanders at 6:30 and headed to Jone Mill where the bass have been schooling. I’ve been tired of hitting the same spot so planned on doing something different today….although I did want to see if they were schooling so John could catch a few. When we got there the water temperature was 85 degrees with normal clarity….1.5ft. We scanned around for 5 minutes and didn’t find any big schools and decide to make a long run.

    We cruised to the shortcut behind the Smyrna Pump House(the cut through) and up to the East Fork. From there we motored all the way to the 840 Bridge. We stopped tied on green and white Zoom flukes and pearl flukes weightless. We started casting around the 1st left pillar and caught two short bass quickly. Five minutes later I switched to a jigging spoon because I could see tons of bass 5 to 10 ft down, but could not get them to bite the fluke. On my second cast jigging my spoon back I got slammed and fought a fairly large fish to the boat before it pulled off! After 10 minutes of fishing without any bites I pulled out my Alabama Rig and got a couple bites my first few cast, but then they were done playing with it. I went back to a jigging spoon and quickly hooked into another big fish, but this time my line broke! We fished for another 30 minutes without a bite and decided to come back after the sun was cast directly over the bridge.

    We cruised up a couple turns and fished the shady banks with big logs or tree roots. We flipped green pumpkin bitsy jigs, Carolina rigged Zoom plum worms, and topwater frogs. After 2 hours of fishing similar banks we caught one short bass on the plum worm and one good blow up on the frog that did not hook up.

    We went all the way up to Mona boat ramp and flipped jigs and worms 50 yards up from the actual ramp on the left. After no action there I decided to come back down lake.

    We stopped at the rock ridge in front of Lamar Hill. It was stacked with a school of bass in 10 to 14 feet of water! We tried Strike King 3/16oz bitsy jigs, plastic worms, jigging spoons, but could not get a bite. Finally, John hooked into one, but it ripped the worm off his hook! It seemed like the similar pattern from the last few trips where I can find fish, but I can’t get them to bite.

    Oh yeah, we did fish a flat a quarter mile up from the Spring and Fall Creek intersection. We stayed in 1-3 feet of water and cast to millions of shad! Casting flukes, jerkbaits, spoons, whopper poppers, and shad raps we caught three bass. It was fun catching a few, but we watched about a hundred feeding around us!

    Our last spot was inside Stewarts Creek Cove where the boat ramp is. We went passed the boat ramp to the back pool where the cypress trees are. We flipped the cypress trees with jigs with no action and headed in for lunch.

    It was a fun day, but not the results I was hoping for. It’s a grind to catch fish and evening more a grind to get big bites consistently. I do have one friend out there that caught probably 40 bass today on crankbaits and doubled up several times…..he would have had a nice limit. So, that means there are fish feeding… just few and far between.

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