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  • Posted by Brian on August 5, 2015 at 2:11 am

    Today I went out for a few hours from 8am-11am to scan some new areas up-lake. I’m glad I did. I found a couple good schools and caught several good fish!

    First I scanned the drop off from the Fate Sanders recreational boat ramp to the mouth of the Lamar Hill. I found several fish on the drop off between the green channel buoy and the cypress trees just up from it. The fish were in 12ft-16ft. Two days ago I lost a big fish on the drop off in front of the cypress trees! Today I took several cast without a bite and left because I wanted to spend more time on other spots.

    I motored up-lake past the Smyrna cut through and stopped at the beginning of the next bluff on the left. I scanned 30 yards up to where the rocks start and found a few scattered bass holding to the sand and boulder rocks on the bottom. I stopped and tried to get one to bite my swing head with black/blue and my Norman DD16 in rootbeer, but had no takers. Once I reached the bluff I hooked into a good fish after pitching my swing head to the bank and letting it fall into 8ft. Too bad I missed him!

    I cruised to the mouth of Spring Creek and fished a hump in front of the island. It is actually out from the PVC pole in front of the island(from the main channel not the creek channel) in 12ft-14ft and it comes up to 8ft! I scanned the hump and it was covered with bass holding to the rocks! I threw a buoy out, back off and started casting my 1/2oz swing head jig with green pumpkin/pumpkin Big Bite Craw. Two pulls after my lure hit the bottom on my first cast…BOOM! I set the hook and had him for a second, but he came off. Several cast later I caught a 2lb! 10 minutes later I set the hook on another fish! I fished 10 minutes without a bite on my swing head and tried a 6″ Strike King Sexy Spoon(sexy shad)….no takers. Then I tried a 5″ swimbait on the bottom…nada. I strapped my rods down thinking I would hit them again later or leave them for the Saturday morning tournament I’m gonna fish.

    Idling to the mouth of Spring Creek I scanned the rock hump/point on the right side of the creek channel when you turn into Spring Creek(this is the big hump/flat that has all the PVC poles on it). Scanning near the plastic red channel buoy on the point hump/point I found a school of bass in 12ft-16ft on the drop-off. I chucked my buoy and backed off. On my 3rd cast a fish about pulled the rod out of my hands! I set the hook and fought a 3.5lb to the the boat! I made few more cast and had one more short bite before I decided to leave these fish alone too. It was like 100 degrees and I only had 30 minutes before I had to get home so I ran to one more spot.

    I stopped in the shade underneath the Weakley Lane bridge and the bass were already busting the surface everywhere! The next 30 minutes I rotated between my weightless green and pearl Zoom fluke, a shad rap in shad color, and my a-rig catching 6 and missing twice as much. It was a great way to end the day!

    All and all, productive day. I found 2 new spots with some quality fish I want to fish next time out and Saturday. I am really excited about the videos because it forces me to try new areas and find new fish! I hope everyone likes them!


    philip-nichols replied 8 years, 11 months ago 1 Member · 1 Reply
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  • philip-nichols

    August 5, 2015 at 3:49 am

    Sweet looks like you were right the fish are more active on the upper end. I’m fishing a tournament Saturday night gonna try and get out Thursday morning and find some fish

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