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  • Posted by Brian on August 31, 2016 at 2:51 pm

    Saturday night/Sunday morning I fished the Woody’s all-nighter tournament. It was a rough night for us as keepers go, but we still caught a lot of fish and had a good time. I did call it quits early around 330am because I had to work a 24hr shift starting at 7am and wanted to get a little sleep…..and I’m glad I did, it was a BUSY shift all day!

    At 7am we blasted off and headed straight to Stewart’s Creek. We crusied all the way to the back passed the second boat ramp and parked the boat in front of the point with the stumps across from the rip rap. Our thoughts were to try and pluck and couple good keepers before dark and then head down lake to finish our limit and hopefully grab a big smallmouth.’s funny how things change! While motoring back to the rip rap, once we reached the 2nd boat ramp there was logs, grass, trash everywhere! There was also and TON of muddy water rushing through the channel. My partner and I looked at each other and thought “what in the world!” Apparently, the storm that passed through Smyrna an hour before dumped 2″ of rain with a lot of flash floods! This all poured into the creek and created a river. The water temperature was 84 with >1′ clarity. Although we were surprised we thought the fish may be on a feeding frenzy with all the new oxygen and food that was recently introduced. We tied on Strike King series 5 sexy shad crankbaits and parked the boat in 10ft casting into 3ft and retrieving slowly over the boulder rocks and stumps. After 30 minutes of casting around the trash without a bite we decided to head out before it got too dark. We were excited about the night and headed down lake.

    Our first spot was the left bank at the mouth of Bryants Grove. This is the bank 100 yard straight bank just before it turns into the cove. There is a long row of boulders that extend out from 1ft into 14ft before dropping off into the channel. I parked the boat in 14ft and we started casting 3/8oz black and blue jigs with a brown/blue Big Bite Swimming Craw into 8ft, dragging back slowly. Shorty after my partner picked up a Hoppy’s black 3/4oz spinnerbait with black Colorado blade. Within a few minutes he caught a short 14″ largemouth out of 4ft as soon as the bait hit the bottom! He continued with the spinnerbait and I with my jig. Moments later I had a bite that picked up my jig and when I went to set the hook he had already set it down. Half a dozen cast later I had another bite and set the hook landing a 2.5lb largemouth! I felt like we were in a good spot so we stayed for another hour catching a few short fish and missing several others. It appeared(like the last few weeks) the bass were doing this one thump and then set it down thing!

    We motored up to the cove on the right just before the Hobson Pike bridge. The last 2 years in the Woody’s tournament we caught 2-4 keepers in this area. This night we only had a couple bites and caught a nice 17+” smallmouth. We started in front of the cove where the bank extends out 50 yards before dropping off into 8ft with boulders on the ledge…..nada there. Then we trolled to the main left point going into the cove and parked the boat in 12ft-14ft. I continued with my jig and my partner tried his spinnerbait. 15 minutes in he hooked into the smallmouth out of 6ft on his spinnerbait. Excited as we were I knew the fish was going to be a little short! We fished for another 30 minutes without a bite and pulled up the trolling motor.

    Next we headed down lake further into Smith Springs. We fished the third and forth point to the left of Anderson Rec boat ramp. I tied on a 5/16oz swing head jig with a pumpkin/orange Big Bite Swimming craw. Quickly we started casting into 6ft-10ft while sitting in 16ft-20ft and receiving bites. It seemed every few cast I was setting the hook and either catching short bass or missing fish. It was a really fun area to fish, but we were not putting anything in the livewell. We stayed here for 2 hours fishing hard, but had to abandon our area to search for bigger fish.

    I cruised into Hamilton Creek passed the Anderson campground boat ramp to the second point on the left. This point extends out 40 yards at 6ft-10ft and then drops off into the 16ft-20ft. Sticking with the swing head jig and a 5/16oz shaky head we had a few bites with no takers. Again, more one thump bites and then nothing!

    I moved back to the Hobson Pike bridge and fished on the right side under the power lines. I kept the boat in the 16ft while we cast our swing head jigs and shaky heads with Trick worms to the pillars. We few bites here with no takes.

    We decided to head back where we started and see if we could catch more keepers. As we approached there was already a boat there. I motored to the La Vergne pumphouse and parked the boat in front a cast length away. We were sitting in 50ft and casting into 4ft. This has always been a could big fish smallmouth spot for me. I tied on a light 3/16oz shaky head with a 7″ Zoom green pumpkin/red flake Trick worm. I quickly had a good bite out of 12ft and set the hook. I had the fish for a second and then it got off! Moments later I had another good bite and missed that one too! Frustrated, I accepted that’s just the way they were biting that night. At this time it was 3:30am and I felt like heading in to get couple hours of sleep before work. We only had 1 keeper, but had a fun night. I wish we would have landed more of the bites and hind sight I wish I would have tried my light shaky head with Trick worm more. The fishing has been really tough, so I think that smaller finesse bait on my spinning rod could have produced. Anyhow, I’m ready for day fishing again…lol!!!


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  • krogers79

    August 31, 2016 at 3:45 pm

    I don’t wish bad luck on anyone, but I’m glad we weren’t the only ones that struggled. We had one 16″ largemouth and we loaded up at 4 a.m. We caught several short fish, but the bigger fish weren’t biting what we were throwing.

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