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  • Posted by Brian on August 31, 2015 at 1:37 am

    Last night I fished the Woody’s all nighter tournament and I am still exhausted! It was an amazing night, one of the best I’ve had in a while. I missed one giant that was larger than 5lb at the boat that would have put us in the top 3 or 1st, but that’s the way it goes. I have to admit, when that fish got off I had to put a dollar in my cursing jar.

    We launched at Fate Sanders at 7pm and headed straight into Fall Creek where I caught several quality fish a few days prior on a trip. We flew past the the Fall Creek boat ramp towards the back and stopped at the last PVC pole. We idled to the rocky bank on the right and started casting frogs and spooks to thousands of bait cruising the surface. The water temperature was 78 degrees while we sat in 10ft casting into 1ft-2ft . After 15 minutes with no action and the sun falling we picked up our 1/4oz shaky heads with a Zoom 7″ trick worm(blk/red) and started casting up on the rocks dragging back slowly. Cast after cast I was anticipating my first bite. After 30 yards and not one bite I scratched my head and decided to move back further into the creek to the next left point. Once we reached the point I put the boat in 8ft and we cast on top and around the point in 3ft. Trey picked up a blk/purple spinnerbait and quickly caught a 2lb…our first keeper. Moments later he caught another short fish. I never got a bite on the point! We motored out of the creek fishing a few scattered rocks and I picked up a small keeper on my shaky head. With very few bites we decided to head down lake.

    Our second spot was the cove to the right just before Hobson Pike bridge. We started in the middle of the cove casting to shallow rocks that come out 50 yards. I kept the boat in 10ft, while we threw into 5ft around boulders. First 30 minutes we caught a few short fish on our shaky heads(now with a green pumpkin/chartreuse tail trick worm) and spinnerbaits(1/2oz blk/purple with colorado blades), but nothing to talk about. Trolling closer to the bridge, but staying close to the bank, I hooked into a quality 3.5lb largemouth! That fish came out of 2ft of water. We decided to go back down the bank and quickly caught another 2lb. The night before we caught some fish here too so I told Trey lets fish this a while….we know they are here. After fishing passed where we started we reached the main point on the left that goes to the back of the cove. With the boat in 12ft and casting our shaky heads into 8ft-12ft, we started whacking them….fsh after fish! Most of the fish were short, but we were setting the hook every minute and catching a decent keeper every few fish. We sat on that spot for 2 hours catching around 15-20 bass! We finished our limit with around 10lbs and started think of bigger fish. We backed out a little deeper into 15ft and started fishing in 12ft-14ft. First cast I hooked into a GIANT! I set the hook and thought I was stuck until it started pulling out of my hand! I fought the monster all the way to the boat, pulled the fish up to the side of the boat, and it made a strong run and pulled off!!!! I thought I was going to have a heart attack. It was a hard loss that cost us some money, but what can you do. I said a prayer and tried to erase it from my mind. At 1:30am we decided to go try another spot for some smallies.

    We motored into Hamilton Creek to the Anderson Recreation boat ramp and there were several boats sitting near the area we wanted to fish. We cruised down to the next big point on the left and started casting our shaky heads into 8ft-10ft while sitting in 12ft-14ft. After 5 minutes…..POW! I set the hook and felt the fish…..SMALLIE! I told Trey to get the net while I fought the fish to the boat. After 30 seconds of fighting Trey netting a 3.5lb smallie! Now last year a 3.85lb smallie won the over $1,000 big smallmouth prize and the year before it took 3.15lbs. We high-fived and cheered for a minute and then replaced him with our smallest bass. I picked up my rod and started casting to the same spot. Not 5 minutes later… we go again….another smallie!!! I thought this one was bigger, but once we got it in the boat I could tell it was a little smaller. Nevertheless, we were on cloud nine with plenty of time on the clock. We fished that spot for 1.5 hours catching 12 more bass and culling 2 more times(just small upgrades though)! We also missed a ton of bites. With 30 minutes to go we headed near the ramp where there were boats earlier. Sitting in 14ft and casting into 8ft around the boulder rocks we caught 4 more, including another small upgrade. Time was running out and we headed in.

    We got in line at the scales and heard 2.80lb was big smallmouth at that time….I knew we had that! I thought we had around 15lbs and 16lb was leading! Before we reached the scales someone weighed in a 3.98lb smallie and I knew ours was not that big(later someone weighed a 4.64lb). Oh well, that was a fun rush while it lasted. We weighed our fish and had near 14lbs….little did we know there were 8 people with 15lb-16lb bags. We finished 13 out of 78 and left with a smile. It was an awesome night(only fished 4 spots) although I can’t stop thinking about that big fish I lost. Fun, fun, fun! Now I just need to catch up on some sleep! You can see how tired I am in the picture!


    philip-nichols replied 8 years, 6 months ago 1 Member · 1 Reply
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  • philip-nichols

    August 31, 2015 at 12:22 pm

    We had a good night also fish were hammering my black and red spinner baits with pacachunk trailer. My fish was 5 ounces shy of winning big large mouth. Mine was 5.42 winner was 5.9. Only had 3 fish to weigh in total weight was 9.8. Had 2 keepers get off but I don’t think they weighed enough to make a difference.

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