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    Posted by Brian on August 5, 2017 at 8:54 pm

    This morning we had a 3 boat party go out from 6 to 10:30am in hunt for bass. Like 2 weeks ago we did a Major League Fishing style where we weighed every bass over 12 inches and totaled the weight at the end. We had a good day only fishing a handful of spots. We started at the mouth of Lamar Hill on the right point near the PVC pole next to the channel. We found tons of bait and bass in this area the day before and decided to try and catch some right off the bat. I kept the boat in 10 to 15 feet of water while we stayed a long cast away from the PVC pole. I was casting a Strike King 6XD in sour grape color and my clients were throwing a 1/4oz shaky head with a10″ Red Shed ribbontail worm and a Norman Deep Little N in red and white glitter. We cast in 6- 8ft retrieving and dragging back slowly. The water temperature was down from last week tremendously at 82 degrees. First five minutes I caught 1 bass over 2lbs on my six XD followed by another decent Largemouth that got off on the way in by my client on his red shad worm. We fished the entire point and flat within a 50-yard radius for an hour plucking 4 more bass in the 1-2lb. There’s several isolated rocks and stumps on this long point, but mostly the bass were feeding on shad while cruising the flat. Next we moved to the rock pile at the edge of the hump in front of Spring Creek. With the boat sitting in front of the 2 PVC poles on the right side of the hump we cast the same crankbaits and plastic worms into 6-8ft of water while I kept the boat and 14 to 18ft. We missed two on the plastic worms there and had zero bites on the crankbaits. I pulled up the trolling motor and idled further onto the flat near Spring Creek and stopped in the middle where there’s a point that runs out around a PVC poll. This underwater point is in between Spring and Fall Creek up on the flat. The top of the point is 6ft until it drops off from 6 to 12ft. We had no bites until the boat was on top of the point in 6 ft. Casting on top we caught 3 in between 1 and 1/2 lb. After 30 minutes we moved off the flat up the river channel past Fall Creek. After we pass the first bluff wall on your left(just past Fall Creek) we stopped where it intersects with the flat in front of all the cypress trees. There’s a lot of shade all morning on this bluff to mudflat transition and the rock’s come way out into 12 ft. I parked the boat in 15 to 20 ft and cast into the shade near the bank. We had 3 bites there successfully landing one. All of them came on the red shad worm or a shaky head with a Zoom trick worm in black and red. After focusing on that area for 25 minutes we move back up to our first spot at the mouth of Lamar Hill and put the boat back in 10 to 15 ft on the right point in front of PVC pole. We found a school of fish in 12 – 14 ft out near the channel and started feeling them in. Both clients had on Texas Rig 1/4 ounce bullet weights with the red shad ribbontail worms or Zoom Plum worms. We would make long cast near the channel and drag back slowly.Over the next 45 minutes we caught 6 bass and lost 6 more while trying to land! Our time was up at 10:30 and had to go in. We finished in second place and had the big fish to the tournament. LOL. Yesterday we pulled up to the spot at 1 p.m. and my guide Eric and I were casting Strike King 6xd and Norman DD 22s and put a butt whooping on the bass! In 45 minutes we caught 10 and had several 3 pounders and 2 lb bass one after another! All the fish were hanging out in12 feet of water and going on random feeding frenzies. It was a fun morning on the water especially when there’s no humidity and it’s 70 degrees with the light North win!

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