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    Posted by Brian on August 15, 2015 at 6:43 pm

    During the last two days I have been able to chase the bass for a few hours(I have been doing a lot of crappie trips recently). The crappie have been active! Yesterday I had 20 keepers and the day before BCGS guide, Trey Neal, had 46 keepers!

    One successful area was at Stewart’s Creek main channel point. Before we fished I scanned 24-36 bass scattered around the end of the point in 12ft-14ft. My clients tried 1/4oz shaky heads with Zoom Trick worms(red/blk flake and green/pumpkin red flake). While they dragged their worms I made long cast on top of the point with my Strike King 6xd in Tennessee Shad. The first 10 minutes one of my clients lost 2 after setting the hook. After making a cast to the tip of the point that drops off into the main channel I hooked into a giant! I handed the rod to my client(10 year old boy) and let him start fighting it in. The toad jumped 20 yards out from the boat while I hurried into my rod locker for the net. The young angler fought him up to the boat and I netted the 5.5lb largemouth! The kid and his father were shaking they were so excited. We took several pictures and continued casting. Next cast the father hooked into and landed 1.5lb off the point. The son hooked another bass, but the it pulled out shortly after. After 20 minutes without a bite we pulled the trolling motor up and made a move.

    The next area we targeted was the cove across from the Youth Inc camp. Starting in the back left corner and fishing towards the right we stayed in 6ft casting to the bank. We tried our shaky heads and a 1/4oz Strike King Bitsy Jig(red/blk) with a green pumpkin Paca Craw. We had 2 bites around the big boulders in the left corner, but non that would commit.

    I motored to the back right corner of Fate Sanders Cove and tied a sexy shad/chrome Strike King Red Eye Shad rattle trap on the boys rod. Sitting in 6ft-8ft we made long cast into 2ft. The first 2 cast Dan Jr. caught a bass and a catfish! The bass were chasing shad everywhere! I caught a couple on my shaky head in the 1lb-2lb range. After several minutes I placed my worm down and picked up my 5″ swimbait. I made a dozen casts into the shad without any takers and set the swimbait down. We took several more casts with our shaky heads and rattle traps catching one more short fish.

    All and all….. okay day. We only fished for 2 hours, but caught several bass! There appears to be more and more bait migrating into the pockets and coves. It won’t be long before buzzbaits, spinnerbaits and rattle traps are dominate baits!

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