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    Posted by chawchaw on May 5, 2015 at 9:30 pm

    went out this morning from 6 to 10, before having to go in for a double root canal appointment at noon…..kinda like my last fun day before the pain

    6-7 a.m ,cove before hobson bridge on right = 3 short bass all on spooks around the entire bank on rocky areas, 1 keeper
    7-8 a.m , bird sanctuary island just south of hobson bridge (millions of loons roosting) = 4 short bass , swivel head 1/4 jig, 7 inch finesse worm watermelon
    8-10 a.m, mousetail island (south bank , rocky points submerged) = 1 good keeper, 2 short bass ….finesse worm same swivel head

    it seems that the only lure that im consistently catching fish on are the finesse worms. it was the first time trying top water in a while and that was addicting. i wonder where the big bass are hiding and eating on. maybe a jig with a craw trailer in deeper water somewhere else on the lake. i dunno. seems like i catch a ton of short fish lately. ive been hanging around mid lake alot between 4 corners and long hunter. may start exploring suggs creek and other areas this week if the root canal doesnt hurt too bad for too long. lortabs and bass boats dont mix well. so ive heard..

    a large barred owl dive bombed my spook for a few minutes till i moved spots bc he wasnt backing down. interesting to see him hunt though right at daybreak.
    also watched 2 does running around mousetail island , in full sprint and jumping around.they were literally playing like 2 dogs. pretty cool. they mustve swam far for that vacation, theres no land close by at all really. i love deer hunting too btw….

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