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  • Posted by Brian on December 17, 2014 at 4:39 am

    Today I went out for 5 hour with BCGS guide, Trey Neal.

    We started out trying to catch a few crappie for the freezer. Our first spot was the mouth of Spring Creek near the main channel around the PVC poles. Casting 1/8oz Chart Crappie Magnet jigs on solid chart and chart/yellow magnets we caught 12, including 5 keepers. I kept the boat in 15-20ft and we would cast into 6ft retrieving slowly after letting sink for 3-5 seconds. The water temperature was 49 with 1ft visability.

    Our next spot was the next green channel buoy up lake. Casting our magnets the bite was slow. We stayed in 18ft casting into 6ft retrieving slowly down the ledge. We landed one keeper.

    Next we hit the flat on the right 100 yards up lake. Fishing near the PVC pole and exposed stumps we caught a few short fish and 2 keepers in 8ft-10ft off the ledge.

    We put the crappie rods down and headed to the West Fork. First we stopped at the blown out bridge 500 yards into the fork. The water was 52 degrees and very clear at 2ft visibility. I started down the left side, but after 5 snags I was convinced that was not the bank for me. I moved to the long point on the right side of the bank and caught 2 short bass back to back on my 1/8oz shaky head with green/pumpkin purple flake Trick worm.

    Next we traveled way past the West Fork boat ramp to where the current is stronger. We started pitching 1/8oz Hoppys jigs geen/orange with a green Paca chunk to rocky banks with big rocks. Two hours and 3 banks later(all with the same stucture) we caught 5 bass, including a 3.5lb! On all of the banks the boat was in 4-8ft and we would cast into 2ft-4ft and drag back slowly.

    With only an hour left we headed to the long 1/4 mile flat before Lamar Hill. Sitting in 18ft and casting into 8ft with our Crappie Magnets again we caught 5 more with 3 keepers.

    Fun day on the water!

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