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  • Posted by Brian on December 20, 2015 at 1:21 am

    Thursday I went out from 9am-2pm by myself for a little quite fishing. I launched the boat at Jefferson Springs boat ramp and quickly
    realized the water was up a few inches and at 56 degrees. I made my first run up towards the East and West Fork stopping at a few bluff wall/mud flat transitions.
    Casting a black 3/8oz Hoppy’s Tally Wacker and a Heddon sexy spook, I received zero bites around the boulder rock transitions. I tried a Hoppys
    Rattlin Brush Bug in dark green, brown, and black with a green Paca Chunk to the holes and gaps in the bluff walls too….nada.

    Next I fished the last big flat on the left before the split at the Forks. I picked up my 3/8oz Hoppy’s Tally Wacker buzzbait and started casting to the isolated stumps
    and laydowns on top of the flat in 1ft-4ft. After 30 minutes and 8-10 stumps and logs I strapped down my rods and made a move.

    Just inside the West Fork 1/4 mile I stopped at the blown out bridge. Now the water was ripping through the channel and turning into
    chocolate milk. I could barely see my lures in the channel, but it was clear near the bank. I pulled out my Hoppys black/brown 3/8oz Jig
    and started pitching to the rocks on the left bank. With my boat in 16ft and pitching into 1ft bringing down the rocks I never got my first bite.
    The current was so strong it was carrying my jig. I trolled to the other side of the channel where the bridge rock point comes out from
    the bank. I tied on a Rapala DT4 in red craw color and started casting to the point on the up-lake current side. After 5 minutes I hooked
    into my first fish in 4ft…..14″ largemouth. On my next cast I hooked into another fish in the same spot, but it
    got off. I continued with my crankbait 20 minutes longer without another bite and decided to head down lake.

    I motored to the back of Spring Creek stopping at the finger coves. The water clarity was much better with 1.5ft visibility at 57 degrees.
    There was no current while I started casting a 1/2oz sexy shad chrome Strike King rattle trap. I kept my boat in 4ft made long cast into 1ft
    while on the mud flat. Once I reached the end of the mud flat(heading further into the creek) where the boulder rocks started I switched over to my Heddon Sexy Spook. Working my
    spook around the rocks in 1ft-3ft I had no luck. After 20 minutes I picked up my crawfish shad rap SR5 and started casting to the rocks and
    caught a short bass up against the bluff. I was looking for bigger fish and did not want to spend any more time on the bluff so I idled up
    to the mouth of the feeder creek and pulled out my 1/4oz shaky head with 7″ Zoom Trick worm. I parked my boat in 9ft and cast out into the
    middle of the channel where is drops from 4ft-9ft(I was facing the 840 bridge casting that direction). After 10 minutes I had
    a soft bite and let the fish swim with my worm for a few seconds. I set the hook and felt a GIANT! I could feel the big girl slowly shaking
    her head! I fought her to the boat and grabbed her lip and lifted her in……5+lb! I stayed there 15 minutes without another bite and
    then continued towards the 840 bridge. When I reached the next boulder rock channel swing I put my boat up against the bank and made
    long cast paralleling the bank with my H2O squarebill 3-5ft in shad color pattern. Half way down the bank…..BOOM! I fought another good
    fish for 5 seconds before he pulls off! Frustrated that he got off I made another cast and hooked into another bass. This one smaller at 1.5lbs
    right on the bank. On the next rock channel swing on the left I continued paralleling the rocks. Just a few cast in and BOOM…3lb! I started
    thinking if I was fishing perpendicular to the bank I might not be getting these bites. The next 30 minutes I caught 2 more bass on the same
    bank. The entire time I fished back there I had my boat in 2ft-4ft and cast into 1ft against the rocks. It was 2pm and I had to head back to the ramp.

    All and all, good day! I wish I had more time to continue my pattern. Each spot I fished with the squarebill produced quality bass.
    It looks like the weather is going to be in the 50-70 the next 7 days so I will continue with these pattern next time out.
    Since I got off the water the lake has risen near 1ft, but should be clearing back up in the next couple days.

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