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  • Posted by Brian on December 24, 2017 at 3:07 am

    Yesterday I fished in the pouring rain from 8am to 1 pm. I fished for both bass and hybrid. This year I’ll be driving a stake in the ground for hybrids as I’m looking to purchase another boat(center console) soon.

    I started at the mouth of Bryants Grove looking for bait and hybrid which I found, but could not get them to bite. Water temperature was 49 degrees with 2 foot visibility. The water was up less than a foot at that time. The other day the water was 46 and we caught a few fish there and watched some other guys catch their limit of hybrids. We kept the boat in 20 to 40 feet near the channel. Yesterday I searched, but did not find the schools….only a few scattered fish. I motored to the back left corner where the water comes out and fished with a spook in 1 to 3 feet of water. With my Heddon sexy shad spook I had one blow up in 20 minutes.

    I motored to the Long Point in front of Long Hunter Cove. Trolling and scanning in 20-40 feet I found no bait or hybrid.

    Next I cruised over to Four Corners Marina near the island in front of the channel. The other day there were schools of hybrid and this is where I caught the 13 pounder! Without seeing any activity I moved to the big spring in Savage Branch(behind the island on the left when you’re coming out of Four corners). There was water coming out of the spring, but there were no bass or bait around the moving water……which was weird.

    Next I moved underneath Hobson Pike bridge and stopped at Hotel/Motel. I fished to the end of Hole-in-the-Wall bluff. At the second Island at hotel/motel I caught a 2.5lb largemouth. This fish came on my AL rig on thr drop in 8ft. The second fish I caught was at the end iof Hole in the wall bluff where it transitions to the sandy point. Again with the rig in 8ft I caught a 3lb!

    I pulled up the trolling motor and idle to Hong Kong Island. I kept the boat in 25 to 40 feet of water. After 15 minutes I had a giant hybrid, fought it for a few seconds before he unbuttoned. I went back and forth two more times and never had another bite.

    I moved to the cove across from the Youth Incorporated camp.There were segals, bait, and hybrid on the screen, but I could not get them to eat.

    My last spot was in Spring Creek. I went all the way to the back and fished the flat across from the finger coves. The water was less than 1 foot visibility and 58 degrees! I fished my spook around all my favorite rocks and flats around the finger coves with zero action. I pulled the trolling motor up and headed in for the day.

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  • pitbull

    December 24, 2017 at 4:33 am

    Man it got miserable for a bit today, fished another Cordell deal and found some muddy 55 degree water and more shad than I’d ever seen, but nothing eating them… Guy that won had 14lbs fishing 48 degree water that was much clearer throwing the rig and a medium depth crank.

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