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  • Posted by Brian on December 4, 2015 at 11:24 pm

    Wednesday I fished with 2 great clients out of Flippers. Fishing from 8am-12:30pm we caught around 10 bass, including 4 keepers. 

    As we approached the no wake zone I could see the main channel was muddy with high current.  Also, the wind was 20mph out of the north! I idled back into Bulls Creek Cove to the back bridge. I tied on 3/16oz shaky heads with green pumpkin Zoom Trick worms and a H2O shad color 3-5ft squarebill. Starting in 8ft and casting to the rip rap we made our way under the bridge.  It was a little easier to get under the bridge with the water a foot higher foot higher and 56 degrees.  While fishing behind the bridge we caught 2 short bass in 3ft on the crankbait.  We fished up the other side around some awesome boulder rocks without another bite and strap down our rods for the rough main channel drive.

    We found ourselves in the back of Ski Cove in Station Camp Creek. The main channel was muddy, but once we got in creek it cleared back up.  There were shad everywhere in the back around the little island. I tied on Strike King 1/2oz  shad colored rattle traps and we started casting to the bank. Surprisingly we did catch anything around the island, but once started back up the bank we caught 2, including 1 keeper.  100 yards later we caught another short fish and lost a 2lb when it jumped out of the water.  I motored around the point to the cove just behind the duck blind at the main spit in Station Camp. I picked up a Hoppy’s black 1/4oz Hawg Buzz and started casting to the flooded grass near the bank while my client continued with rattle trap. After 5 minutes I had a good strike on my buzzbait, had him hooked for a second before he tangled in the grass and unbuttoned. We fished the cove to the point in front of the duck blind.  After a long cast with a rattle trap we hooked into a 3.5lb that jump 3 times to the boat before shaking the hook out!  That fish was right in front of the grass in 3ft. We continued around the point and down the other side to where more rip rap and boat docks start. The water was a little muddy on this side of Station Camp while we sat in 8ft and cast our rattle traps into 2ft.  The next 30 minutes we caught 6 more, including 2 keepers, one 4.5lb!!!   Our time was up and we headed back to the ramp.

    All and all, great day!  The wind was cold and and the water was muddy, but we were able to find 2 areas that offered exciting action.

    Brian replied 8 years, 2 months ago 2 Members · 2 Replies
  • 2 Replies
  • blockel

    December 7, 2015 at 5:00 pm

    A couple of questions, Brian. One on location, where exactly is this ski cove you are referring to? Is it to the right of the main fork within Station Camp and behind the Marina, like shown in the attached pic below.

    Also, in the last 30 mins when you caught the 6 fish including the 4.5#, was that along the 45 degree bank with the docks after your take a right at the main split in station camp? And what’d you catch those fish on, shakey head?


  • Brian

    December 7, 2015 at 10:17 pm

    The ski cove is the first cove on the right after taking the left fork at the split. There is a ski course in it. At the 30 minute spot we used 1/2oz strike king rattle traps chrome sexy shad. It’s the tiny pocket just before the 45 degree rip rap

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