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  • Posted by Brian on December 6, 2017 at 4:02 am

    Saturday I fished the tournament again. I didn’t stay for the entire tournament because I decided to go meet my wife and kids at a Christmas party. I figured I’d get some brownie points! I started in the West Fork at the blown-out bridge. Since the temperatures have risen the bites have slowed down. When we pulled up the water temperature was 53 degrees(4 degrees warmer from a couple weeks ago). Water clarity was 3.5ft. We started fishing the bluff on the left up to where the bridge is. Casting a 1/4oz ounce Strike King bitsy jig in brown, green, and blue with a green pumpkin purple flake craw trailer. I caught my only fish there in 10ft a few minutes after beginning. I kept the boat in the channel(15-18ft) flipping to the bank. After we fished the bluff wall thoroughly we moved to the blown-out bridge area. Casting Alabama rigs, swimbaits, and shaky heads we never had a single bite in 45 minutes! It was frustrating, but not surprising because that’s how fish usually are on tournament day.

    We moved up further into the West Fork passed the boat ramp and stopped on the next rock bank on the right. Continuing with my Alabama Rig I kept the boat in 12 feet of water and cast to the banking in 6ft. About 10 minutes in I caught a 2.5lb largemouth! I figured that was a good sign so we continued up the bank. I never had another bite their, but Eric my partner missed a fish on a jig(green pumpkin I believe), which could have been a good fish. We kept the boat in the channel flipping jigs to the bank the next 30min. We didn’t get another by until I moved up to the next bluff wall on the right. Starting back with my Alabama Rig, 20 minutes in I got slammed by a nice smallmouth and slowly fought her into the boat. Like the week before it was a beautiful smallmouth that was 2 millimeter shy of 18in! I really thought it was a big fish, and it still was still a beauty, but it stinks I had to released it. Continuing down the bank I had one more bite on my rig that did not connect out of 8 feet of water. I pulled up the trolling motor and made it move.

    I was going to fish the first bluff on the right after the forks, but there was a boat sitting there. Kevin and I caught several bass on this bluff on a Thursday with a jig. I wish I could have got on it. We stopped on the next flat just passed the bluff wall and tried the stumps in 2 to 4 feet of water. With the intermittent clouds and the water temperature at 53 degrees I just couldn’t help try my spook on a few stumps. Again, not one sniff! Across the channel we tried the bluff wall with Alabama rigs without any action.

    Next we moved all the way back down passed Jefferson Springs boat ramp and the Smyrna pump house and stopped on the next bluff wall on the left. We hoped to get a few bites flipping jigs to the rock. We fished down the entire bank without a single bite. We had one fish in the livewell and I had to take Eric back to the dock(he had to do a guide trip). I decided to come in early and go meet my wife at the Christmas party. Tomorrow I’m going to be out from 6:30 to 12:30. I’m going to try Stewarts Creek. My plan is to fish slow around the boulder rocks and stumps. I’ll see what happens.

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