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  • Posted by Brian on December 6, 2013 at 4:04 am

    Today I went out from 7am-1pm. The first couple hours were tough, but we finished strong!

    We started in Long Hunter boat ramp cove casting spooks, buzzbaits and shad raps…….zero.

    Then we headed over to Four Corners area and fished the rock hump right at the No Wake buoys with crankbaits…

    We trolled over to the closest point where the boat docks end and threw shad raps and spooks……zero.

    We were two hours in and not a bite yet, i was starting to get frustrated. Then we motored over to Hong Kong Island and fished the rocks on the left, way behind the No Wake buoys. There I had a good fish on an SSR5, but it unbuttoned:( That was the only bite we got back there.

    The rain started pouring down and I was eager to catch some fish. So, I strapped the rods down and headed up lake 5 miles to the back of Spring Creek. All day we had been fishing in 49-51 degree water. In the back of Spring Creek it was 58-59! We started casting spooks and Academy square bill cranks(3-5ft) in sexy shad color and starting catching fish! The next two hours we caught 12-15 bass, including 3 keepers! Half were on the crankbait, casting to the bank and half on the spooks, casting to the bank as well. The last 30 minutes when we were fishing with spooks, we probably caught 6-8 and had 12 strikes! It seemed like every other cast we were either catching a fish or watching bass strike the lure. I saw a 4-5lb come a foot out of the water, knock my spook a foot out of the water and never touch the hooks……amazing!

    All and all, fun day on the water! Was happy to have some topwater action!

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