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  • Posted by Brian on December 7, 2014 at 2:29 am

    Today I fished the Saturday morning tournament out of Fate Sanders. Fishing with BCGS guide and good friend Billy Harris we caught over 15 bass, including 8 keepers(we also lost 2 around 4lbs each). Our best 5 weighed just under 15lbs, but unfortunately it took 24lbs to win!!! There was a 17.44lb and a 17.43lb in front of us that we could have beat if we landed the 2 big fish…..but that’s fishing.

    For such a good day it’s a short report.

    We spent the entire day in the back of Spring Creek. We started at the feeder creek where the chocolate mud was rolling out. The water temperature was 57 degrees! Once you got past the feeder creek the water was significantly clearer. We put the trolling motor down and started casting Minnow 2.5 in craw color and red rattle traps. The entire day we had the boat in 2ft-4ft casting to the bank in 6″-4ft. We found our fish on the back side of the rock points and banks where the clearest water was holding. In these areas the bait was concentrated and the bass were periodically feeding on them. On each rocky area we would rotate between our Minnow 2.5 craw and shap raps to a black and blue(3/16oz or 1/4oz) finesse jig with green pumpkin or black craw trailer. At one area near the 840 bridge there was a little spring trickling in from the mud/rock bank in 1ft. We fished there for an hour and caught two 4 pounders on jigs! Towards the end of the day Billy cast next to a rock in 6″ and as soon as it hit the water BOOM!!! He fought a giant half way to the boat before he shook the small shad rap treble hook(tough break). The last hour we navigated out of the clearer water and into the rushing muddy water and started fishing the same kind of structure. Again, we lost another giant after he slung a jig while jumping! I was raised on the Potomac river and LOVE fishing the current. Now is the time to get out if you want to learn. The lake rose 8″ while we were out and almost 2ft currently.

    All and all…..AWESOME DAY!!!! Nothing better than a limit of good bass by 9am with a great friend!

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  • creekcrappie

    December 7, 2014 at 2:55 am

    Man, I just about went to the back of Spring Creek. I made it halfway back and turned around thinking, “There can’t be clearer water back there”. I could only find cleaner water near Smyrna Pumphouse and Jefferson Spring area.

  • blockel

    December 8, 2014 at 10:29 pm

    24 lbs, wow! I went out on Sunday on the lower end of the lake and all I could catch was a cold!

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