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  • Posted by Brian on February 3, 2019 at 11:23 pm

    Friday morning I fished from 7:00 to 12:00 PM. I was practicing for a possible tournament in the major league fishing trail. I put the boat in at Jefferson Springs. The water temperature was 48゚ and the water clarity was 4′! I only had A few spots I wanted to check so I headed up into the West Fork to try the blown out bridge. When I arrived I was amazed by how clear it was. I could see the rocks 4′ underneath the surface. I fished down the bluff wall with an Alabama rig (throwing a Yumbrella) with houdini Zoom swimbaits. I fished down the entire bluff and out the middle just past the bluff with my Alabama rig and chatterbait(with no skirt) and a single 6″ Strike King shadalicious citrus shad swim bait. I let the swimbait sink half way down then retrieved it back slowly for 30 minutes and never had a bite. I was disappointed because the conditions seemed perfect like previous years for the fish to be there.

    Next I moved into Fall Creek. I idled down the right side of the channel where it is the deepest to get to the back to the white PVC polls where the channel is the deepest. Once I reached 4′ of depth I dropped the trolling motoring and starting casting my Alabama rig to both left and right sides of the channel. I fished all the rocks, stumps, and laydown trees towards the back for a 100 yards without a bite. When I reached the spring I picked up my 3/16oz shaky head with june bug trick worm. I fished slowly down the rock wall and near the spring on the right. I had a few little bites that I missed and came up with only half a worm. I fished down the bluff wall the right for another 50 yd without a bite and motored out of the creek.

    Next I moved up to Spring Creek and started all the way in the back at the feeder creek. I fished the feeder creek with Alabama rigs and shaky heads. The water temperature was 53 with 4′ visibility. I fished half of the feeder creek without a single bite and motored. I stopped on the flat across from the finger coves. I tried my spook in 1 to 3′ of water on top of the flat with the boulder rocks and never had a single bite! I continued out of Spring Creek fishing the channel bends. Cast in my Alabama rig now in all white and silver Zoom swimbaits. I never had a single bite on the rocks until I reached the last bend on the right heading out. I caught 4 including a 3 pounder. I felt like that was a better area for the fish to hold because it was a little dingier and the water was 49゚. The last few minutes I fished the mouth of Spring Creek without a bite. At 12 o’clock the tournament trail for the next day posted and they drew Old Hickory Lake. So the whole day, although tough, did not matter.

    I’ll be out crapping fishing all tomorrow and can’t wait! We should catch a ton of crappie and I will post how that goes. I’ll be out Wednesday bass fishing all day and hopefully that goes better as well! Thanks for holding out for the Percy Priest reports while I’ve been bouncing around Old Hickory and Center Hill the last couple weeks.

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