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  • Posted by Brian on February 13, 2015 at 4:11 am

    Tuesday I had a trip with a guy from up north. Starting at 12 and fishing until 5pm we caught 5 bass and lost a couple. It was a really tough day, but we did manage to get several good bites.

    We started in the back of Spring Creek where the water temperature was a little cooler than normal at 52 with 2ft visibility. There was very little current with almost no bait present. Casting Hoppy’s white spinnerbaits and Heddon silver/blue spooks we zeroed on the flat/rock across from the back finger coves. It was not until we reached the mouth of the feeder creek where we hung into our first fish, a nice 3lb on an A-rig. We fished for a while longer with shaky head Trick worms on the deeper rocks, but never had another bite.

    We motored up to the West Fork and fished the blown out bridge. Started on the left bank where the small bluff is we caught one 1lb on a shaky head. The water was still 2ft visibility at 50 degrees. Once we reached the end of the bluff I started making long cast to the point across the channel with my white 1/2oz chatterbait. I would let it sink to the bottom and the retrieve it slowly adding a few pumps. On my 2nd cast I caught a 2.5lb! We fishing a little while longer trying A-rigs and blk/blue 3/16 Hoppy’s finesse jigs with no luck and then saddled up.

    We headed further up into the West Fork(around 2 turns) and fished across from the bank that has TONS of laydowns on it. This is where I caught several keepers the other day on the A-rig, today….nada!

    I took a long run back down lake and pulled into Stewarts Creek. I drove back to where the creek narrows and turns to the left. We stopped at the right bluff wall and fishing the mud flat/rock transition. The water was 51 with 1.5ft visibility. Sitting in 6ft and casting to the bank with A-rigs and spinnerbaits we struck out again. I idled to the back just before the boat ramp and fished that mud/rock transition with shad raps in shad pattern and spinnerbaits….nothing. We fished around the bend and stopped on the big rocks on the back side of the island. I tied on a 1/4oz shaky head with 7″ Zoom Trick Worm(watermelon with purple flake) and we started making casts to the rocks. My first cast…GULP! I set the hook and fought a good fish for 3 seconds before it unbuttoned. I set my rod down and let me client work the rocks for 20 minutes. Finally we got another bite and landing a 1lb largemouth. It was getting dark and time to head back before we froze to death!

    All and all, tough day. We fished really hard on some really productive spots, but did not see as many fish as I wanted. Glad we were able to catch a few. SO ready for spring!

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