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  • Posted by Brian on February 14, 2017 at 3:46 am

    Well, it was a horrible day on the lake. I fished from 7am-3pm with BCGS guide, Kevin Patin and we caught only seven fish total. We headed Fall Creek for our first stop to see if the water was warm enough for some spook action after last weekend’s warm temperatures. After we arrived and idled over the big flat the water temperature was 51-52 degrees with 1.5ft visibility. Everything seemed right except for the fact it was 35 degrees and we were freezing. I tried my Heddon red/white spook jr for 100 yards and never had a sniff. Casting to the stumps in 2-3ft feet of water, the cold night lock them up and kept them from biting. We picked up our 1/4 ounce shaky heads with watermelon/candy Zoom trick worms and started fishing the left ledge after the stumps. I kept the boat in 8-10 feet and cast into 2ft dragging down the ledge slowly. We caught 3 little fish in 45 minutes and decided to head out. We motored all the way up to Bryant’s Grove Cove and stopped on the left bank where a long row of boulders extend from 2ft to 15ft off the bank. We tried Alabama rigs and Carolina rigs while sitting in 15 feet……never had a bite. The water temperature was 48 degrees with 1 foot visibility. Next we continued down lake under Hobson Pike Bridge and pulled into the cove on the left under the power lines. We fished the entire left bank under the power lines with Alabama rigs, jerkbaits, and Carolina rigs. I kept the boat and 10 to 15ft while casting into 5ft….. again, we never had a single bite. I idled across the cove to the other side and tried fishing some brush piles with the same lures in 10 to 12ft. After 45 minutes and no bikes we decided to move further down the lake. I set the boat down at the Anderson beach recreational area. Fishing the cut through in between the island we kept the boat and 10 to 15ft casting to the flat rock on the right with our shaky heads. We fished for 100 yards and to no surprise….. never had a bite. I told Kevin I wanted to go into Smith Springs and try a few points so we headed to the boat ramp on the right and fished the two closest points that extend just past the ramp. Throwing shaky heads with a watermelon candy trick worm and a Carolina rig with a finesse straight tail worm we never had a bite. We decided to head back up like and try across from Bryant’s Grove boat ramp at the end of the bluff wall where the PVC pole and the sand hump. We finally marked some fish and caught 3 bass fairly quickly. With the boat in 20-30ft we cast into 4-6ft. I caught a 3.5lb on my Alabama Rig, 2lb on an orange Bandit 200, and another small keeper on my Alabama Rig when we went back through the area a second time. We decided to quit while we were ahead with a few bites and head in. It was a long tough day. I’m not sure why the fish weren’t more active. They were pulling water all day and the temperature was in the low 50’s up lake and normal 48-49 degrees down lake. In either case I’ll be out Wednesday but the Hagman crappie fishing all day. Hopefully we have better luck and a cooler full crappie by the end of the day.

    Brian replied 7 years ago 2 Members · 2 Replies
  • 2 Replies
  • jdavis28

    February 16, 2017 at 2:32 pm

    catch any crappie yesterday????

  • Brian

    February 16, 2017 at 8:00 pm

    My trip got cancelled, but I’m going all day Saturday. My other Guide had 14 in spring Creek and in the West Fork casting minnows on floats with a 3-6ft leader around wood

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