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  • Posted by Brian on February 16, 2019 at 2:28 am

    Wednesday I fished the 2nd Wednesday of every month tournament with my good friend John Graves. John could not be there until 8 so I started without him. The water was less than a foot visible at Fate Sanders at 52゚ when I put the boat in. When we took off I headed straight to Spring Creek and stopped after the 500 yard straightaway and dropped the trolling motor on the 1st point/bluff wall on the left. I picked up a jig and started flipping to the rock in 8 to 15′ of water. I only fished 20 yds and caught two short fish before I had to go pick up John. The water was still less than a foot visibility at 53゚. I picked John up and we 1st ran to Sister Cove and tried the left bank with Mann’s baby -1 in fire tiger and a spinnerbait.The boat was in 3 to 4′ of water while we cast to 1 to 2′. We fished the entire cove with the cold wind blowing without any action except for a 5 pound drum and headed back to Spring Creek.

    We started at the same spot I started before and we began flipping jigs. The 1st 30yds we caught 3 short fish and I missed one about 4-5 pounds at the surface when the jig flew out! At the end of the bluff wall we caught another keeper that stayed on this time. We staying in 4 to 12′ of water. I was using a black-and-blue with green and purple trailer and John was using a black-and-blue with blue trailer. For the entire rest of the day we fished all the rocky banks winding back to the finger coves in the back. We caught 5 or 6 short fish and missed a few, but never had other keeper until we reached the flat across from the finger coves. The water was starting to clear a little bit with around a foot visibility. I picked up a buzzbait and John a spinnerbait. I had a black Hoppy’s tally whacker and John was throwing a white and chartreuse double Willow spinnerbait. Casting to the boulder rocks in 1 to 3′ of water we caught four bass including two 3 pounders and 2.5 pounder. We fished back-and-forth for a long time with a bunch of little fish, but could never get another keeper. We fished all the way to the feeder creek where the water was coming out pretty strong. We caught a few at the mouth that were short. We tried the flat 1 more time and fished our way out. With 1/2 an hour left we headed in between Spring and Fall Creek on top of the flat.

    Fishing around one of the pvc polls we kept the boat and 4 to 6′ of water and cast our chartreuse shad and red squarebill to the boulder rocks. We caught 3 fish including our 5th keeper. Shortly after our time expired and we went in and finished in 2nd place with 12 pounds on the dot. 1st place had 21 pound so the big one we lost wouldn’t have made a difference. A fun day catching a lot of bass!

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  • shad3036

    February 20, 2019 at 1:32 am

    It still amazes me that you can catch bass during the winter using a buzz bait. Even in the warmer Spring Creek water.

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