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  • Posted by Brian on February 24, 2015 at 3:43 am

    After near 12 days off the lake and the Bassmaster Classic last weekend, I was readier than ever to hit the lake today. Well….at least I was for the first hour.

    I was picked up by BCGS guide, Trey Neal, around 11am. The water was 4ft up(488) from the last time I was out and a whopping 39 degrees! I plan on fishing the Frostbite tournament this Saturday and wanted to go mid lake because the river is destroyed right now, but first I headed to Spring Creek to check out the back. Once we arrived in the back at the finger coves we quickly found clearer water(1-2ft clarity) at 50 degrees! There was a lot of clearer water pumping out of the springs that looked enticing. We started on the left bank casting a crankbait and a 1/2oz Hoppy’s white spinnerbait with tandem willow and colorado blades. We fished past the 3 little coves without a bite and then trolled across the channel to the mud flat that is now under 2ft-3ft under water. The water level was perfect to fish the rocks on the mud flat, but the dagger was the wind! All day the wind was out of the north at 15-20mph. The air temperature was 25 with the wind chill in the teens! Nevertheless, I had one good bite that didn’t connect and we could not fish effectively. We idled up to the feeder creek(a little out of the wind) and tried A-rigs and Bandit 200 in craw pattern. Sitting in 12ft and casting to the left point and right mud right we zeroed and packed it up.

    We made a move back down into Sister Cove and stopped in the back left corner. There was some clear water coming from the spring, but is was 39 degrees and the clearer water was in 1ft, a little too shallow for these temperatures.

    Next we travel down near Four Corners into Savage Branch. There is a deep spring back there behind the island that drops from 8ft to 20ft. The water had great clarity 2+ft, but was still 40 degrees. I was hoping there would be warmer water coming from the spring that would attract some bass, but the temperature only rose to 41. I tried a 1/2 white chatterbait with a white Zoom swim fluke jr, a Hoppy’s 1/4oz Flea Flicker jig(green and orange) with a green/gold flake Paca Chunck, and the A-rig without 1 bite. At this stage the wind was kicking my butt and I was started to focus more on the tough condition than on fishing. It was tough to find a spot out of the wind also.

    We cruised to Long Hunter and fishing the left bluff wall just before you turn into the cove. The water turned back to stained at 40 degrees. I picked up my Hoppy’s Flea Ficker jig and we put the boat in 20-25ft. We made long cast near the bank into 8ft and fished SLOWLY back to the boat. After 25 minutes and no bites it was time to move.

    Our last spot before we nearly froze to death was the mouth of Bryants Grove. Coming from Long Hunter we fished 100 before the bank turned into Bryant Grove Cove. We found TONS of bait and larger fishing active 14ft-18ft along that 100 yard stretch. The next 30 minutes we tried A-rigs, jigs, crankbaits, and even a 6″ jiggin spoon off the bottom…..NADA. I looked at Trey and we could read each others mind…..”I’ve had enough.” We packed it up and headed to Fate Sanders for coffee!

    All and all, probably should have waited one more day before I hit the lake. The wind made it probably the coldest day for me this winter. However, I usually go into the river to get out of it, but it was too muddy up there. If I knew it was going to be that brutal and had to go out again I would run down to the lower end, get on a deep bluff wall, and fish a drop shot or shaky head in 20ft-40ft completely out of the wind.

    I am going to try and get out Thursday or Friday to practice again before Saturday.

    ericdickens86 replied 9 years, 4 months ago 1 Member · 1 Reply
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  • ericdickens86

    February 24, 2015 at 10:22 pm

    I will also be fishing that tournament. How was the water At the ramp was it still froze? Sunday I only had a small path to put my boat in.

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