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  • Posted by Brian on February 27, 2018 at 3:43 am

    Fun day on the lake while fishing the ESBA tournament out of Fate Sanders. The water was up 2 feet and muddy so I’ve decided to go down lake where it was just stained. The water temperature was 60 degrees. I tied on a big squarebill crankbait in yellow, orange, and black and starting at the mouth of Bryant’s Grove Cove on the left where the big boulders come out. With the boat in 5ft we cast into 2ft. My bait ran 3 to 4ft so I was banging the bottom here and there. After 100 yards without any action I pulled up the trolling motor.

    I moved to the east side of Mousetail Island. Fishing the entire bank with the boat in 4 to 6ft we cast around the boulders and logs. I quickly caught one almost 4lbs followed by a 2lb keeper! I fished all the way to the end of the island catching another short fish and then around the back side without any action. The water clarity was 1ft. I felt like I was on a good pattern and started bouncing around banks that were similar.

    We cruised across the channel to Bird Island and fished the boulder rocks across from the little island. 30 minutes later and no action I pulled the trolling motor up and headed past the third point if you were coming from Four Corners. I fished the entire chunk rock bank in 1 to 3ft and then down the bank the next bank heading towards the Four Corners cut through. After 200 yards without any action I decided we had to move.

    Starting to get a little frustrated I made one more move to the cove on the right before Hobson Pike Bridge. We fished the entire mouth in 1 to 4ft with orange squarebill cranks and a Hoppys 3/4oz white spinnerbait with double willow blades. After an hour and no bites I decided I had to change things up. I knew yesterday the creeks were a mud hole, but hoped some flushed out.

    I cruised into Fall Creek and fished the first stump row on the left after you go across the shallow flat. We caught zero fish on it and then switched sides to the mud bank and start catching a bunch of hybrids and white bass. It wasn’t long after my partner and I hooked into bass and landed two keepers! We fished in the area on both sides of the creek for 2 hours catching several bass, hybrid, and our 5th keeper…… which came off the boulder rocks on the deep side of the channel. The bass were biting a chartreuse and black 1/2oz rattletrap and a red 1/2oz rattletrap fished 1- 4 feet of water.

    With an hour and a half left we cruised into Stewarts Creek to try to grab a big fish. We went to the back boat ramp and fished all the stumps and rocks without a bite. The water was ripping out of the creek. We started to idle back and my buddy called and said “where are you?” I told him getting ready to head into the weigh in and he said it started at 3 not 3:30. For some reason I thought it was 3:30. I knew we didn’t have enough to get a check so in a weird fashion that was a good thing. We had a fun day and caught a bunch of fish however the big fish pattern that worked early in the morning didn’t continue. The frustrating part is that it sounds like a lot of the guys that did well were fishing similar areas mid lake real shallow with rattle traps and squarebill crankbaits. So, I felt like I was on the right pattern just didn’t get the big bites. Looks like Wednesday and Thursday were supposed to get 3 to 5 inches of rain. Can’t believe that!

    pitbull replied 6 years, 3 months ago 1 Member · 1 Reply
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  • pitbull

    March 1, 2018 at 2:20 pm

    Sounds like my day on Cordell Hull Sunday… Had 4 fish for 10lbs and just couldn’t find the big one I needed. I fished deep first and then basically inches of water and that ultra shallow water was where I started getting bit bulldozing a squarebill through the mud and debris. Took 18 to win.

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