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  • Posted by Brian on February 27, 2015 at 4:43 am

    Went out for a few hours today, this time with BCGS guide, Kevin Patin. We launched out of Jefferson Springs and headed straight to the East and West Fork split. The water clarity was great at 1.5ft and 47 degrees. We scanned some bass in 14ft-18ft on the mud flat drop-off on the left bank before the split and dropped the trolling motor. I grabbed my A-rig and Kevin picked up a 6KD sexy shad. We made cast after cast without any action. I tried a drop shot with a purple finesse worm and a white 1/2oz chatter bait on the drop off without any action.

    We motored up to the blown out bridge just in the West Fork and placed the boat in 17ft as we made short cast to the bank. I continued with my A-rig and Kevin tied on a finesse green pumpkin/brown jig. The first 5 minutes(fishing left bank) Kevin had two bites that did not hold on. Moments later he stuck a 2lb in the same spot. We continued down the bank casting jigs, swimbaits and deep crankbaits without any other takers.

    I thought about traveling further into the West Fork, but knew I would probably fish some of that stuff in the Frostbite tournament Saturday so I left it alone. Instead, I motored to the East Fork trying several different areas that did not produce. The water was colder at 45-46 degrees and there was no bait or life anywhere! We tried a few bluffs, the blown out bridge near the East Fork boat ramp, the 840 bridge, and the pump intake just up from the bridge….nada. A-rigs, jigs, shaky heads, crankbaits, swimbaits…..didn’t matter, it was a ghost town.

    With just an hour left I made a run into Spring Creek. The sun had been taken over by clouds and the temperature was falling quickly. With the clouds I thought I could get a topwater bite in the back on the mud flat across from the finger coves. Once we arrived we found 51-52 degrees with 1.5ft clarity. We fished the mud flat with the boulder rocks with a Heddon blue/silver spook jr. After 50 yards and NO action I picked up my A-rig and Kevin picked up his green pumpkin finesse jig. Again, within 5 minutes Kevin set the hook twice missing each fish. On his third bite, BOOM…..3lb out of the rocks in 3ft of water! We fished down the bank to the mouth of the feeder creek and then I stuck a 3+lb on my A-rig! We fished for 20 minutes longer and then had to pack it up.

    All and all, slow day on the water. I thought we were going to get more bites with the warm morning we had, but the fish had a different plan. It’s hard to get a consistent pattern with this weather going up and down, but it was still nice to be out. Hopefully I’ll find a few big girls on Saturday to weigh in.

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