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  • Posted by Brian on February 29, 2016 at 3:56 am

    The last three days had it’s ups and downs. I’ve caught several big fish, but my patterns did not hold up.

    Friday I practiced for both the Frostbite on Saturday and the ABA on Sunday. I spent the entire day in the East Fork. After 7 hours I caught around 12 bass with 5 keepers for 13lbs. I was content leaving the lake feeling I had a pretty good pattern. Almost all of Friday I fished with a yellow, orange, and red squarebill crankbait that runs 4ft. It is just like the Strike King 2.5. Sitting in 5ft under the 840 bridge I fished the right side(going up lake). Casting to the rip rap and retrieving slowly I caught 4 bass, including a 4lb largemouth in 20 minutes. The bass were biting 4-5 cranks after casting to the rocks. I trolled up 50 yards passed a bunch of huge laydowns to a little rock pile just off the bank(on the right). There I caught a 2.5lb! Next I motored up 500 yards to the water intake in the bluff wall on the right. Sitting in 10ft and casting into 3ft to the points I caught another 2.5lb on my crankbait….on my 4th cast! I strapped down my rods, motored to more chuck rock banks. For the next few hours I did not get a bite. Near the end of my day I motored up to Mona and started with my crankbait on the boat ramp. I fished down the rock bank just passed the ramp and then finally got my first bite in 2ft next to the bluff…..2lb. Next cast, another 2lb. I continued up the current and caught 4 more the next 50 yards. I fired up the motor and idled around the bend to a big point on the right. Flipping my 1/2oz black Hoppy’s jig I set the hook and broke my line! Not sure if it was big, but it was a good bite.

    So that was my day of practice. I felt okay leaving the lake.

    Now Saturday rolled around and it was a different story. I wanted to try and pluck a few fish early and then go back up into the East Fork. I started in the back of Spring Creek at the finger coves were my clients caught two 3lbs and a 5lb on Thursday. I picked up my Heddon spook Jr in red/white and started casting next to the PVC pole on the flat. Sitting in 4ft and casting into 1ft we went back and forth with spooks and red 1/2oz rattle traps….nada. I did have one little blow up on the spook, but nothing exciting. After an hour and a half we chalked up Spring Creek and headed into the East Fork. The next 4 hours I pretty much did the same thing as the day before, but this time I never got 1 bite!!! At about 12pm I headed to the mouth of Fall Creek and fished the left rocky bank once you enter the mouth. Sitting in 3ft and casting into 1ft with craw shad raps and red rattle traps…..nada. With just a couple hours to go we pulled into Stewart’s Creek. I was not very confident because I had literally seen dozens of boats motor in and out of the Stewart’s the past 2 days. I pulled up to the first point on the bluff wall before the creek narrows. Sitting in 4ft-8ft I cast a 1/4oz shaky head with a green pumpkin Zoom Trick worm to the rocks. I had a few bites right off the bat that did not commit, but then I had a solid bite. I set the hook and hollered for the net. I fought the fish around the trolling motor and Trey netting her …..5+lb! We continued down the entire bluff the next hour and and caught 4 more including another keeper! After our time was up we headed to the weigh and got 2nd place for the last weigh in.

    Today was different once again. I figured I would start where I caught the big fish the day before. I pulled out my shaky head and started fishing the first point on the bluff wall before the creek narrows. I fished for 30 minutes before I got my first bite, but he did not take it. 20 minutes later I was in 5ft and threw next to a rock in 2ft…..gulp! I set the hook and landed my first keeper…..2lbs. The next 2 hours I fished my shaky, craw shad rap SR5, and a black Hoppys Hog Buzz down the entire bluff and back without another bite.

    I motored to the little cove on the left just before Weakley Lane bridge and tried my shad rap on the rocks….nada. Then I tried a black Hoppys 1/2oz jig with a black Paca Chunk trailer down the bluff wall…..nada.

    I cruised into Lamar Hill to the flat on the right and tried a red rattle trap in 1ft-2ft…..nada. Then I went to the back of Lamar Hill where the wind was ripping. With the boat in 3ft I fished my shallow shad rap ssr5 in craw to the rocks. I caught one short fish on one of the points and a keeper 2lb on the other point. In the back of the cove I had one more bite, but it unbuttoned during the fight!

    I motored up lake half a mile to the islands on the left side of the channel and continued with my SSR5. While sitting in 4ft and casting into 1ft ……..another short bass.

    Since nothing was coming together I made a long run up lake to the West Fork. I’ve been wanting to fish the blown out bridge in this tournament for weeks. Unfortunately, the temperature has heated and it was too muddy. I fished my chatterbait for 1 hour without a bite. I kept the boat in 18ft and casting up the channel into 12ft letting the swimbait sink to the bottom and then retrieving slowly. I even fished the all the rocks on the left with my shaky head…nada. I went up to the Smyrna pumphouse and fished the flat with a red rattle trap and shad rap in 1ft-3ft ….another short bass.

    My last spot was back in Stewarts Creek where I started. At this time the wind was ridiculous. I tried to fish it anyways, but did not have any luck.

    I weigh in 4.01lbs and finished in 40th out of 76. NOT the way I was hoping this event would go! This is such a humbling sport….the highs are high and the lows are low! After the weigh in I talked to several guys that finished in the top 10 and it was frustrating to hear they were fishing the same coves or coves around the ones I were with a shad rap. I guess that’s fishing. I had a fun few days and can’t wait to get back out on the water.

    The next week I will be out of town, but Kevin Patin is going to post some reports for me. After I get back from vacation the guide season in almost in full swing!

    krogers79 replied 7 years, 12 months ago 2 Members · 2 Replies
  • 2 Replies
  • blockel

    March 2, 2016 at 4:54 pm

    Brian – Did you happen to take note on what the winning weight was?

  • krogers79

    March 2, 2016 at 7:14 pm

    6.61 on Saturday and 19 pounds on Sunday.

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