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  • Posted by Brian on February 3, 2016 at 5:45 pm

    Monday I spent several hours on Priest with the “Hagman!” Fishing for crappie we had a great day catching around 30, including 20
    keepers! We did not fish many areas, but we dialed in on what they were doing the last hour and tore them up!

    We started at the long stretch of stumps and PVC poles on the right just before Jefferson Pike bridge. The water temperature was 53 degrees.
    Sitting in 15ft I casted a purle/pink crappie magnet on 1/8oz underneath a float while at the same time tight-lining a live minnow off the bottom around sunken trees and Jerry tight-lined 2 rods of the back. My float had a 3ft leader while I placed it around stumps, popping and letting it sit. 30 minutes and
    6 stumps later without a bite on the float and I took the float off and went to casting my jig. Meanwhile, the minnow tight-lined off the
    bottom were getting some action here and there, but nothing crazy. As we reach the Jefferson Spring boat ramp we decided to move.

    Our next stop was maybe 300 yards passed the bridge. There are some deeper trees in 14ft-18ft off the ledge(this spot with some crappie
    action is on Elite 9). With not much luck fishing shallow we stayed deeper and tight-lined minnows off the bottom. Minutes later
    we started catching some crappie! We had several short crappie, but also started putting some in the livewell. All the crappie were
    biting in the thickest parts of the trees….we were getting hung a lot. After we felt we fished the tree out we moved on.

    We stopped further up behind the next little island on the left. On the up lake side of the island the depth drops from 6ft-24ft pretty
    quickly. There is a lot of wood on this drop, but also one GIANT tree. We parked the boat on top of the tree in 23ft and sent our minnows
    down. The next 30 minutes we sat in the same spot and caught 5 keepers and several shorts.

    From there we idled around looking for more big trees we could fish. There were a couple just a little ways up where the old bridge use to
    be….you can see the concrete on the left and right side of the channel… luck.

    Finally we reached where we really got into them. We motored up around the next bend(where we saw 2 eagles!) and stopped at the first PVC
    pole on the left. We went back to tight-lining in 15ft while I tried a slow retrieve with my Crappie Magnet(1/8oz yellow jig with purple/pink magnet).
    The first couple yards we caught a few on the deep minnows. As we reached the next PVC pole I caught 2 giants on my magnet. There were
    several large stump barely exposed and I decided to try my float with a live minnow 3ft down. I set up my rod and made a cast….3 seconds
    later my float was gone. I set the hook and felt a slab on the other end. I swung him in the boat with a huge smile. For the next hour we fished
    4 stumps all right next to each other and caught 10 SLABS(we also missed just as many). The water temperature was 54 and these fish were
    in spring mode! Although we were slaying the crappie now, Jerry was getting cold and we decided to head back in.

    All and all….awesome day! We had a fun day tight-lining minnows, but when we found out they were hitting minnows on floats in 3ft
    that was a special treat! If we would have started or fished longer with the float we would have had a boat load. Hope this helps eveyone!

    I got a lot of this action on video and will be on Elite Video 13. Sign up here or click the first link and the top of the forum!

    philip-nichols replied 8 years ago 1 Member · 1 Reply
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  • philip-nichols

    February 4, 2016 at 4:40 am

    Dallas and I ran into Hagman at the ramp while he was waiting on you. Very nice man. We bass fished till about 1. Stopped in sister cove had a few blow ups on a spook nd lost a good fish on a shad rap the birds were swarming bait in less than a foot of water. Water temp was 50.4. We started fishing our way down lake and after 3 hours 6 spots of no bites and finding colder water (46 near Hong Kong) we figured out we had messed up and headed back to sister cover for warmer water. Just before we left we found a school of 2.5-3 pounders chasing shad in less than a foot of water. We ended up catching 6 total in the last hour casting L bill shad raps and square bills to the bank. I haven’t caught a lot the passed few trips but have learned a ton about abandoning my game plan if its not working, listen to the fish, and make changes till you find what works. The hardest thing for me to do is breaking my habits of being stubborn and not changing from the game plan I put together the night before.

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