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  • Posted by Brian on February 4, 2015 at 2:45 pm

    I planned on getting out yesterday, but it was way too cold and windy for me! Today I started around 7:30am and fished until 3pm with BCGS guide, Trey Neal.

    With the recent rain I was excited to get to the back of Spring Creek where the water should be flowing and muddy. When I put the boat in at Fate Sanders the temperature was 40 degrees and clear. I ran up lake to the back of Spring Creek and stopped at the finger coves. There was decent current in the 54 degree muddy water. Casting a Heddon Jr Spook to the mud flat in 2ft of water (across the channel) I had no action after 20 minutes. I set down my spook and grabbed my Hoppy’s 1/2oz white Emerald Blade spinnerbait(gold willow, silver colorado blade) with a white Zoom swimming fluke jr for a trailer. I started casting as far onto the rocks as I could and retrieved slowly. 5 minutes later I caught my first fish..right off the bank. 10 minutes later….BOOM 2.5lb! I continued down the bank where the bluff wall started and caught two more, including another 2.5lb! The next hour we fished the entire feeder creek and back near the 840 bridge with our spinnerbaits, chatterbaits, shad raps, a-rigs, and squarebill crankbaits. We only caught 2 more short bass and a couple white bass. On our way out we stopped at the finger coves again and fished the mud flat where the rocks are. Casting my spinnerbait I had a GIANT on that I almost brought to the surface before my line broke! We decided saddle up and try to catch some crappie for a little while. While motoring out I got the bass bug again and had to stop at the big shallow point on the left(heading out). Someone has sunk 2 big trees in the channel that are sticking way out of the water right near it. Casting our white 1/2oz chatterbaits and spinnerbaits into 2ft while we sat in 12ft, Trey caught another 2.5lb and several short bass that were feeding in the shallow water. The wind was blowing on the point perfectly and the bait had been blown in. Finally we decided to switch over to crappie.

    We pulled out our Crappie Magnets and motored to the mouth of Spring Creek. Fishing the rocks and the channel drop off at the mouth, we sat in 18ft-22ft and cast into 6ft-8ft. I was fishing with a 1/8oz CM jig with a yellow/chart body and Trey had the same with a chart body. We made long cast, let CM sink down and then crawled the bait back with a few lifts with our rod here and there. We caught 10 crappie with 1 keeper in the 20 minutes we were there.

    Next we idled out of Spring Creek and to the right 300 yards. We stopped at the edge of the channel drop on the right in 18ft and started casting into the shallow water in 8ft. There are a few isolated stumps and logs in that area so we made fan cast all around. We found some structure with our jigs, threw a buoy out and started casting. The next 45 minutes we probably caught 25 crappie! Unfortunately, we only caught 5 keepers, but it was a ball!

    We motored up to the green channel buoy above Fall Creek and started casting on the flat. We switched color just to try something different. I had a red CM jig and green CM body and trey tried a chart jig with white/chart body. I didn’t seem to make any difference. There we caught 12 more with 2 more keepers!

    Our last spot was back down at the big bluff point at the mouth of Fall Creek. This is a big community hole, but it is for a good reason….great spot. We only had 15 minutes left. I parked the boat in 18ft-20ft and we started casting to the rock in 6ft-10ft. There we caught 12 more with 3 more keepers.

    All and all, great day! The bass were not as active as I was hoping for in the back of Spring Creek. A lot of the times I do really well back there with topwater is after is rains, but it still cloudy. I think the bright sun kept them from coming up. As for the crappie, what a fun day. I probably set the hook 50 times in 2 hours! We did not have a ton to show, but I am not complaining!

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  • daviddukes

    February 4, 2015 at 5:41 pm

    I was out yesterday afternoon for a few hours. Around 3 PM I entered Spring Creek at the same spot you mentioned by the sunken trees. I believe a better fisherman would have caught plenty of bass. There was a ton shad and the bass were very active! I think I could have taken pictures of them they came so far out of the water! I was only able to boat one 2.5 lb bass. I tried everything except topwater and finally went to the trusty RT which the one bass pounded.

  • chawchaw

    February 5, 2015 at 8:40 pm

    yesterday i fished the mouth of spring creek and only back to the big sandbar with a pole in the middle. caught a few crappie, a couple big drum, 1 large mouth and a ton of blue gill . all of it was on a crappie magnet that was clear with a minnow tint. not sure the name of the color but it attracted everything. my fishing partner is a fly fisherman and he tore them up. all using a tiny fly that sunk to the bottom and slowly reeled it in. the fly was dark purple with gold flakes. he always does really well, guess the fish never see flies often.

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