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  • Posted by Brian on February 5, 2019 at 3:46 pm

    Yesterday I had a great day on the lake crappie fishing with two guys. Fishing from 7-3pm the water temperature was 49 with 2ft visibility when we put in at Fate Sanders. The water level is finally back down at over 6ft below. With the air temp in the 60’s the last couple days I felt it
    was going to be a great day on the water. I bought a few dozen minnows and tied on 1/16oz Crappie Magnets as well.  We were using a variety of colors from mermaid(green/blue with silver flake), pearl/chart,
    green/chart, and purple/pink. We fished the original Crappie Magnets and the slab curls and slab magnets.

    We started just passed the Fall/Spring Creek intersection on the first flat on the left.  I parked the boat in 12-14ft off the channel ledge and we dropped lines with minnows down off the bottom while we made cast
    into 4ft, let the bait sink a couple seconds and then retrieved SLOWLY.  We caught a few short crappie the first 50 yards and then I made the decision to move to a community hole before someone else claimed the

    I motored back down lake 1000 yards to the Fall Creek intersection and parked the boat off the bluff wall with the green channel buoy.  With the boat in 14ft-18ft on top of a brushpile we sent the minnows down again while we cast our jigs to the bluff wall near the drop off.  For
    the next 30 minutes we caught over 20 crappie, including 3 keepers.  The fish were biting in the middle of the water column after after pulling the Magnets off the ledge.

    Next, I moved back to our first spot and we fished around the green channel buoy up to the next bluff wall.  We caught a few short fish, but
    no keepers.

    Our third spot was the last flat on the left before the east and west fork split.  This is the flat with 2 PVC poles on it.  We stayed a cast length apart from the top of the flat where it was 2ft-4ft and retrieved slowly allowing the jig to fall into the 6-10ft.  We caught around 20 fish on the flat with 11 keepers.

    We finished our day in Fall Creek.  It is SUPER shallow and dangerous back there so you need to be very careful.  We fished the entire creek catching a few short crappie and a few short bass until we fished the
    spring in the bluff wall on the right in the back. We focused on the 20ft area making cast and cast with our jigs and with minnows on floats with a 3.5ft leader.  We probably caught 25 fish, including 12 keepers after it was all said and done. The fish were holding to the rock drop
    off in 2ft-8ft.  It was a perfect finish to a great day!

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  • ddrosejr

    February 7, 2019 at 12:19 am

    Way to go Brian ! Thanks for the crappie report.

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