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  • Posted by Brian on February 6, 2016 at 3:16 pm

    A couple days ago I hit the lake with BCGS guide, Trey Neal. Our main focus was down lake, wanting to find some fish on a jerkbait.

    We bundled up and made the long run to Nashville Shores. Although the wind was supposed to be 20-25mph(out of the north) later in the day, it was calm with
    fog during our run. Our first stop was at the backside of Goose Island. We started in 12ft a cast away from the bank. Working our way
    to the right of the island I wanted to fish the island/channel transitions. The water temperature was 47 degrees with 2ft clarity. I tied on
    a white/ghost MeanMouth jerkbait that runs 4ft-6ft. We worked our way around the island and caught our first keeper bass(2.5lbs) on the
    transition on the jerkbait. I was sitting in 18ft and casting into 2ft. We continued around the island pass the channel to the next
    transition. Everything looked perfect, but we never received another bite.

    I idled over to the 3 humps in front of Nashville Shores. Again, I placed the boat in 12ft-14ft and made long cast with my jerkbait
    switching to my a-rig here and there. The wind was starting to blow right into the humps, perfect for a jerkbait bite, but it never came.

    We decieded to move into the Nashville Shores cove and start focusing on the points inside the big cove. At the first point on the left
    (closest to the slides), nothing. On the second point I caught a short bass, then lost a 3lb at the boat, and another short smallmouth.
    This point had a mix of boulder rocks and sand/gravel in between the rocks. All of the fish came out of 3ft-5ft on the
    jerkbait. We fished into the cove a little where it started getting shallower. We never got a bite in the shallower water so we went back
    fishing the points. The next two points I caught one more short bass. At this time the wind was ripping out on the main channel. We
    decieded to head back up lake and get into a creek out of the wind.

    The run up lake was probably one of the roughest I’ve made in a long time. We slammed, popped, and banged all the way back up.
    Not adding we were soaked by the time we arrived into Stewart’s Creek! While running to the back of creek I noticed the water temperature
    was 55 and clouds were moving in! I had one thought….SPOOK!!! We idled near the back boat ramp and stopped at the stumps on the
    right just before. Casting my Heddon Spook Jr in red/white to the first stump….POW….he missed it! Second stumps…BOOM….4lb!!!! These fish
    were coming out of 1ft-3ft! We fished to the ramp and had two more blow ups that missed the bait. Trey caught a short bass
    on a chrome/blue rattle trap at the ramp. The water was now 58 degrees with 1.5ft clarity! We fished up further to the back of the island on the left where there are boulders. At the begining of the rocks….BOOM..BOOM…solid fish kept missing my spook. Few cast later…POW, another short bass. As
    we reached the back of the island Trey hooks into another GOOD fish on a spook in 1ft…..4lb!!!! We focused on the boulders for a while
    and then moved to the mud flat on the right where there were bass feeding on the surface. We caught 2 more bass that were busting shad on top. We turned the bend up the creek and started towards the rocks in the middle of the channel……nada. We kept going up further into the creek and caught 2 small bass, but the activity was slower. We headed back to the boulders around the island and the mud flat. I made a long cast with my spook to the flat….BOOM, another bass. This fish striked my bait 3 times before I hooked him! Trey swithed to a swimbait and caught 2 more bass!
    A storm was moving in and time was limited. I hurried over to the big boulder rocks on the back of the island and made a cast with
    my spook……BOOM…..BOOM….BOOM…the forth time the bass slowly approached the spook and winked at me….then gulped it in…another 4lb!!!
    The rain started to fall and we headed in.

    All and all, awesome day on the lake. It was fun to fish down near the dam and mix things up. I do not throw a jerbait a lot, but it can
    be a dominating bait on Priest. Stewarts Creek was a blast!!! You can’t beat topwater fishing. It amazes me how Priest can be 46 degrees
    down lake and 58 up lake. There are so many different fish doing different things that you can pick how you want to fish for them.
    The next day the lake started to flood from all the rain that fell that night. It will be a few more days befre things start clearing.
    Monday I’ll be on Old Hickory teaching the A-rig. Hopefully it goes well!

    All of this action was filmed on the GoPro and will be on Elite Video 12. Sign up here today with your premium membership discount by clicking the POST and the TOP of the forum.


    Gary replied 8 years ago 2 Members · 2 Replies
  • 2 Replies
  • chawchaw

    February 6, 2016 at 11:39 pm

    man thats awesome

  • Gary

    February 7, 2016 at 1:14 pm

    Great report!

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