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  • Posted by Brian on February 9, 2019 at 4:09 am

    Wednesday was one of my top 10 days on the lake. This is a simple report, but it is definitely is a good one! All day I threw my Heddon spook jr in citrus shad color and my client threw the yellow smaller whopper popper in the 90 size. We only fished 4 or 5 spots all day. When we put in at Fate Sanders the water temperature was 57゚ and between the river, creeks, and Fate Sanders it was between 57 – 59゚ with 2′ visibility throughout the lake.

    Our first spot was just passed Jefferson Pike bridge near the PVC pole on the left. We threw our topwater lures to the isolated stumps on the mud flat catching 6 right off the bat….including two 3 pounders.

    We moved to the next flat on the left and fished the entire flat casting to the isolated wood in 1 to 4′ of water. In some areas we had schools of bass feeding! The first school coughed up 10 bass, including a 4.4lb largemouth! Later we caught another 5.10lb on the flat!!! We probably caught 15 fish!

    We tried a few other flats that were not as productive. We fished the next flat up on the right without any action and we also fish the flat back under Jefferson Pike on the left with the isolated stumps and PVC poles without any action there either. The entire day we kept the boat in the channel casting to the flats in 1′ and retrieving back.

    We very carefully made our way back into Fall Creek. It was the shallowest I’ve seen in a while and we barely made it across the flat. We started fishing once the water reached 3ft. From there we fished all the way to the back. We had half a dozen bites or so and caught another 4.8lb and some fun size ones! After a couple hours in there we went back up to our first spot past Jefferson Pike on the left and caught 8, including a couple 3lb and 4 lbs!

    The last hour we tried the big flat on the left where we fished in the morning, but the rain that had been pouring for the last 2 hours had already started muddying up the water. The water was rolling off the flats into the lake in muddying every area of the shoreline.

    We headed in with smiles knowing we had an amazing day that we’ll never forget. We caught near 50 bass, around 20 keepers, and out best 5 was 23 pounds! Just hours after the lake was destroyed with mud and now it’s 30゚ outside so it was fun while it lasted, but it’s over. Can’t wait for the spring when the conditions are like this again!

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