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  • finding schooling bass? / good report

    Posted by chawchaw on May 16, 2015 at 1:18 pm

    so ive read a great report from krogers79, and have seen in the past reports about finding these schools of bass and tearing them up. my question is not where is the secret spot or spots, but what is the best approach to finding my own. i have sidescan / downscan . when im slowly cruising around pockets and coves i sometimes see the large obvious schools of something big maybe at the bottom or suspended, but then i am not sure where exactly they are, 5ft behind me? 30 feet? then i cast out a rattletrap or crank and keep looking at the sonar and seems like theyre gone or were never there. i guess looking for actual bait would help.
    also, do schools tend to hang out in deeper , wider water , like the main channel , or would u start with parts o the lake that make them funnel , like a cut through or end of a long narrow cove.
    any tips would be cool, again, not asking for a spot location, just a tip on finding schools, id love to hit some.

    on another note, i have fished all week with good results. im pretty much just using trick worms on swivel or shakey head jigs bc it works! if it aint broke dont fix it. green with chartruse tip tail works, bruised banana, and junebug with purple and blue flakes is killlllling it. jones mill cove has been a guarentee good keeper or 2 everyday, no matter what time. near the old boat ramp is awesome.
    another fun area is near firmans hole. im not actually fishing the spot others are talking about but if u go a couple of points south of that, u will see a point that almost has 2 points on one. i hang out about 50ft from the bank and cast into the ditch inbetween those points and have been killing it. its hard to keep the boat still bc the wind on that main lake is strong but i just make several passes and drag a trick worm slowly to the boat. also the next point south, towards 4corners is great. (brian this may be the one u are talking about, itd be the last point if u were leaving 4corners)

    i have been taking my girlfriend with me the last two weeks. i begged her to come for some reason, and now she is hooked . i mean addicted. she only talks about that feeling of the rod tugging and setting the hook, this is a girl who never fished bc her dad was an angry fisherman when she was young and wouldnt take the time to show her things and it scarred her image on fishing. i have alotta patience and showed her how to tie a palomar knot and rig a trick worm and cast a spinning rod. she catches more than me now everytrip and i cant go to my garage and look at my boat without her asking if im going to the lake today. i love it!!
    brian we will be hiring u sooner than later. i figure i can get her guided trips for presents from now on…..score!


    blockel replied 8 years, 9 months ago 4 Members · 5 Replies
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  • Brian

    May 16, 2015 at 2:36 pm

    That’s awesome! I look forward to getting out with you guys! We looking for schooling bass you want to look at points with shard drop offs, humps, ledges. When you see tons of white dots on you screen in a pile….you probably found a school. However, that does not mean they will bite. I like to try plastics, but also deep crankbaits, swimbaits and big spoons. When your looking at your downscan that is directly underneath your boat. Let me know if this makes sense.

  • chawchaw

    May 16, 2015 at 3:46 pm

    Yes that makes sense. I see a ton of little white dots that are obviously bait fish, and look for a bunch of arcs around them. I guess the harder part is finding the right points and humps. When u say ledges do U mean bluffs or more like channel drop offs.

  • chawchaw

    May 16, 2015 at 4:00 pm

    Also any tips on good crank bait rods reels and line for deeper stuff would help. I use medium light rods with spinning reels and 10 or 8 lb test for shallow crainkbaits while fishing to the bank and around rocks. Im sure the deeper plugs weigh more and will take a bigger rig. Im not much for baitcasters yet but working on it. Is a spinning reel rig still appropriate for this method.

  • krogers79

    May 16, 2015 at 6:21 pm

    To Brian’s point, look at the sharp drops. I like to pull up the Navionics WebApp and do some homework before I head out. I focus on channel swings (Jones Mill is a good example). When I pull up on a spot I like to run parallel to the drop and use side scan. Once I see something I idle over with down scan and sonar. If I find fish, I troll out and position the boat to throw on top of the drop and bring the bait off the drop. I often start with a deep crank to cover the water and see if I can get the school fired up. If there are no takers, I drag a jig or C rig. If they aren’t taking those, I use dynamite. 😮 just kidding. Once they get fired up, you cannot let them rest…keep the bait in the water. If you give them a minute or two between casts…they can shut off.

    As for Rod and reel combos…I do not recommend a spinning reel for deep divers…they will wear you out. I throw my 6XDs on a 7’6 All Pro Cranking Blaster Rod. The tip is super soft, which allows the Rod to give and flex when banging off of cover. It also helps with hook up ratio. Additionally, that soft tip allows you to cast the bait further. For the reel, I throw my deep divers on a Lews Speed Spool Tourney in 5:6.1 gear ratio. the low gear ratio allows you to get the bait into the strike zone and keep it there longer. Faster ratios tend to only get the bait down for a small period of time. The Lews reel lets me unload that crank for very long casts, which is crucial for deep cranking.

  • blockel

    May 19, 2015 at 3:12 pm

    Just remember, you can always place a waypoint (or buoy) on the fish too. That can always help you position yourself to where you marked the fish.

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