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  • Fishing Report :: 5/26/2014

    Posted by simplecircuit on May 27, 2014 at 6:26 am

    When it comes to fishing the Greater Nashville Area Lakes, I typically avoid 3 weekends of the year – Memorial Day, 4th of July and Labor Day. This year however, I was drawn to trying an early morning trip to Percy Priest. After a failed attempt at an evening trip on Sunday, I ended up picking my partner up at 4:30am on Monday morning and heading to Priest.

    We put in at Elm Hill around 5:20 [mcdonalds on donaldson was really slow]. The sun was just rising and the skies were overcast with what I had believed was a 0% chance of precipitation. We headed to the pocket at Elm Hill #2 [summer ramp]. There was a boat where we wanted to start. So, we headed to the bluff side of the bank [left side if looking to the back of the pocket]. In here, I caught a keeper spot [12″] on a popper being worked quickly at the break from 4ft to the channel swing. As we eased back through the pocket, I caught another on a squarebill in ghost minnow pattern on scattered rock in 2ft of water. We headed from here over to Hamilton Creek.

    There were a ton of boats [fishing and pleasure all over the Anderson Road side of the creek. Not to mention, there were probably 30 catfish noodles all over that flat. We ended up fishing the Good Friday pocket from the point back into the next pocket heading back out to the mouth without a substantial bite. There were lots of bluegill swipes at a buzzbait and a couple of quick pecks at a swim jig.

    We headed back downlake to Old Hickory cove. Back here, we saw a lot of shad flipping and fish on the graph in 10ft of water. Instead of doing the smart thing and fishing where we had marked fish, we instead continued hammering shallow. I caught a couple more buck bass on the swim jig and squarebill. Around this time, it started pouring rain. So, we dug out the rain gear and kept plodding along. After hitting our usual stuff, we headed over to Goose Island.

    At Goose Island, I promptly caught 2 fish on the point on the cut through side. Same deal as last week, they were in 1ft of water around the old house foundation. It was now raining really hard, and we fished the side of the island facing Elm Hill. Over here, I caught another buck bass in 3ft of water on the squarebill and a keeper smallie in 5ft on the same lure off of a boulder. All fish were hitting on the pause after hitting rocks or cover.

    From there, we continued to get soaked, we fished around the island picking up a couple more buck bass along the way. When the rain eased up, my partner switched to a parrot colored squarebill and immediately started to get some bites. I think the bass were chasing bluegill and shad that were spawning.

    Then we hit up the channel swing at Cooks. There we fished the same stuff without a bite. We had seen several boats on it throughout the morning. So, we didn’t spend much time there.

    Next, we cruised across to a main lake pocket with scattered stumps and a roadbed. It was still raining a little, but not as hard. I caught another keeper largemouth on the squarebill. Same deal, I hit a stump and paused the bait for a second and it loaded up. This fish was in 4ft.

    We headed back into Elm Hill Marina to finish out the day. In there, I caught 1 keeper on the swim jig, and another on the squarebill.

    All in all, we missed a majority of the boat traffic before leaving at 10:15. We never caught any larger fish. Although, I feel like if we had actually fished the depths that I was graphing fish at, we would have done better. All bait was in 20-25ft of water, and we graphed multiple larger fish working the bottom in 10ft of water. I’m pleased with the day overall. We avoided the mess of pleasure boats and jet skis while catching a lot of fish and luckily having full rain gear in the boat.

    Hopefully, we’ll be fishing the Cumberland this coming weekend. If so, I’ll have a report. If not, we’ll be back at Priest doing the same stuff. if I have time in the morning, I’ll add the regular summary to the end of this post.


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