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  • Fishing Report :: 5/31/2014

    Posted by simplecircuit on May 31, 2014 at 3:43 pm

    This is a quick one…
    Totally frustrating morning. I put in at Elm Hill around 5:30 and ran straight to the Anderson Road point at Hamilton Creek. There were fish all over the graph in 10-15ft of water and what appeared to be hybrids busting on shad in the deeper water off the point. I tried deep diving crankbait, swim jig [shallow and counted down] and topwater popper with no takers. I dragged a football head jig around for a few more minutes before taking off.

    From there, I ran over to the shelf at Cooks. There were two other boats fishing in the back away from the channel swing. So, I went ahead and started fishing. Same deal, cranking, jig, and swimbait. I had one smallmouth shake off at the boat, but it wasn’t close to a keeper [easy release!]. Seemed like hybrids were busting over the channel in 80ft of water. They wouldn’t hit anything I was throwing. I knew I should have brought the umbrella rig.

    Ran over to Goose Island and fished the areas that I had success last week. Moral of the story – don’t fish the past. The water down there was really murked up and green. Possibly algae? Water temp has jumped up over 80 on the lower end.

    Ran to Old Hickory Cove. I caught a barely keeper on the deep diving crankbait. By this time, the sun was getting high and I had forgotten my buff [I hate putting sunscreen on my face].

    I decided to run back to Hamilton Creek only to notice that I was getting low on oil. So, instead of fishing more, I headed back to the marina, put the boat back on the trailer and headed out.

    After such an uneventful morning, I think it’s time for a nap.

    I’m going again tomorrow – hopefully to the cumberland. Maybe I’ll go again this afternoon now that I have more oil to make up for my shameful morning. 🙂


    ps. if you couldn’t tell, my wife and son are in FL visiting the in-laws. i just don’t know what to do with all this time. went and bought 3 gallons of optimax oil this morning, ran some errands, unloaded all of my tackle from the boat for summer sorting – all winter stuff was still in there. hopefully don’t need any #5 shad raps or 4″ drop shots for a couple months. hehe.

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