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  • Fishing Report :: 6/7/2014

    Posted by simplecircuit on June 9, 2014 at 6:50 am

    Headed out to Old Hickory on Saturday afternoon.
    We put in at Shutes Branch around 4pm. The boat traffic was insane on the main lake. We fished the ledges out in front of the island at Shutes and only caught one short fish on a shad colored crankbait. After fishing with a crankbait and umbrella rig for 20mins, we headed to our next stop.

    We ran up the lake a couple of SUPER rough minutes to a point that drops from 3ft to 12ft with a little hump on the end and scattered stumps. It’s across from Bluegrass. There I caught 4 bass in 15mins on a squarebill being banged around the stumps in 3-6ft of water. I also missed a couple of bites based on lack of attention [talking instead of fishing]. My partner had a couple of short strikes on a white buzzbait and jumpin minnow in the same area – yes, we’re foolish and do the same stuff at OH as we do at Priest. At this point, my boss texted me to warn of storms headed towards Nashville. So, we ran back toward Shutes.

    At Shutes, there were already boats piling up to take out. Being able to watch the weather on our phones, it looked like the worst cells were going to split around us. So, instead of trailering, we fished up shallow in the rocks from 0-4ft of water. We caught a couple more on squarebills and swimjigs around docks and in the rocks. There was no real rhyme or reason to where the fish were holding. They just seemed to be up super shallow. I also missed a couple of nice fish right up against the bank with the squarebill.

    We ended up gutting it out through the rain and fishing around the island in front of Shutes Branch. My partner caught 3-4 on a white buzzbait [1 keeper] and I caught 2 on a swim jig [1 keeper]. These fish were on textbook stuff – laydowns in shallow water closer to what Rick Clunn would call micro-ledges [drops from 2-4ft of water].

    All in all, I feel like we should have done better with the storm coming in. Either way, we ended up catching around 10-15 fish with probably 4 keepers before taking out around 8pm.

    The most productive lures were the squarebill, swim jig [3/8oz with 4.8″ swimbait trailer], and white buzzbait [once the sun started to get low]. Fish were where you would expect them up shallow – relating to timber or micro-ledges. None of our fish came around the water willows / river grass. Water temps were around 80-85 in the shallows. To be honest, I’ve stopped paying too much attention since it got about 75 everywhere.


    jinzeo replied 10 years, 1 month ago 1 Member · 1 Reply
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  • jinzeo

    June 16, 2014 at 3:23 pm

    My son and I were out of Cedar Creek Saturday morning. We spent all of our time fishing shell beds out on the ledges in that area. We were able to get two different schools to fire so we had a couple of flurries, but no action on 7 of the 9 spots we hit. Caught all fish on Plum colored worms and green pumpkin football jigs. Not sure how many in total we caught, but we did have 7 over 14″. They were not pulling any current so that always makes it tough.

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