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  • Fishing Report :: 7/6 & 7/7/2014

    Posted by simplecircuit on July 9, 2014 at 3:00 am

    After a morning fishing at Priest, I dropped my son off at the house, picked up my partner and hooked the boat back up.
    We headed up to Old Hickory to do some “practicing” before our Monday evening tournament. Fishing out of Lone Branch, we poked around in the back of Cedar Creek. Fishing around laydowns close to deeper water, we caught several keepers on swim jigs and chatterbaits. After an hour or so, we headed out to the main lake to try some new areas. We ran about 5 miles in each direction fishing shallow wood near drops. My partner ended up catching several more short fish [smallie and a couple largemouth] with a couple of keepers mixed in on the chatterbait and a squarebill. As the sun started to go down, we fished some main lake humps. I caught a 3.5lb keeper on a 10″ worm dragging it across a hump that topped out in 5ft of water. With a lot of confidence for the next night, we headed home.

    Monday evening, we got started around 6pm. The wind was blowing pretty good when we put in. After fishing the shallow wood again in the creek, we only had 2 bites. They were both keepers which was nice, but the fish had clearly changed moods from the previous day. The fish were caught on chatterbait and swim jig around laydowns with rocks. Around 6:45, the wind died down and the fish seemed to turn off. After a little longer without a bite, we headed out to our mainlake spots. Once we got to the first area, there was a HUGE May Fly Hatch happening. I got my swim jig hung up in a laydown and went in to retrieve it. While in there, I accidentally bumped a branch on another tree and started a May Fly swarm. Luckily, I’m not totally freaked out by bugs, but it was pretty creepy feeling. It seemed like the may flies had the bass shut down. We had a couple of short strikes on a popper and the chatterbait, but nothing would hook up. I’m assuming the bass were just chowing down on all of the dying flies. We ran back towards Cedar Creek only to find that all of the offshore spots had boats on them – no secret spots out at OH. So, we finished out the night fishing around the back of Cedar Creek. We caught a couple of shorts on shakey heads and the swim jig, but didn’t have another keeper. Based on our lack of a limit, we dumped our fish back in, loaded up the boat, and took off. When we left, it looked like a 3 fish limit around 8lbs might have been a winner. A couple of guys had 4lb fish, but no consistency. I believe they were fishing way further up the river above the 109 bridge.

    Hopefully we can ride weekend momentum into Monday night this week. I’d sure like to weigh in something.


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