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  • Fishing Results for Fri., 10/11

    Posted by mikenores on October 18, 2013 at 3:34 am

    Results were as follows :

    1) Left and right banks of large mouth into Stewards Creek = my partner had 3 or 4 strikes on a jig with a crawfish trailer along the right side bank, but missed hooking up on all of them

    2) Right side bank of the Water Ski Course cove, near the floating port-a-potty = saw a little bait fish activity, but no bass were hooked

    3) Small cove to the left of mouth of Stewards Creek = fished mostly between entrance to the cove and about half way to the back, could not go all the way to the back of this cove since there was barely 1′ of water. Saw what looked like lots of bait activity, but again no bass were hooked

    4) Came back out from the above cove, then fished the East bank near LaMar Hill all the way to the point directly West of the Fate Sanders Rec. boat ramp = this area looked very promising saw we believe good fish & bait activity had 2 or 3 missed strikes each for me and my partner, but no bass landed

    5) Last stop the cove behind Fate Sanders Marina fished North bank of this cove all the way to the very back and in the back some of the East bank = again no bass landed

    A nice day a little cool and sunny on the lake, but fishing seemed kind of hard.

    Mike N

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