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  • Great Learning trip with Brian

    Posted by Deleted User on September 11, 2017 at 3:28 am

    Yesterday after a year of following this site and learning and reading all the posts even past ones I went out with Brian to go fishing and learning about Priest, Electronics, techniques, areas, etc. Just got into bass fishing seriously a year ago and felt I had gotten my experience level/technique and electronics understanding to a level that now I might understand if I went for some schooling and fine tuning or more.
    I must say Brian is great at all aspects of the lake/electronics/expectations/how to read environmental elements/ places and times of year et,al. We went out for 8 plus hours and several areas. Gained a great new understanding as to how to use electronics and what to expect/ when to fish an area when not/ what to look for…etc. I learned ALOT and I thought I was already skilled some from all the videos etc and reading Ive done over the past year… had a great time…and I got schooled…literally. ( I think he caught 12 to 15 to my zilch! ) even one cast with his Alabama rig he even brought in 2 at a time weighing total of about 6-7lbs. At the point across from the Stewarts boat ramp he scanned a ton of Bait and a lot of bass busting on them.
    It seems success will come as refinement of technique grows and alertness to what is going on develops-through time and practice.

    A couple of days before this I went with my neighbor and basically banged the banks back from Smyrna pump house and on up river there he caught 6 or 7 flipping wood and rocks, I just caught a couple. (over 7 hours or so) most around the 2 lbs.

    Also learned that Brian knows a lot of folks out on the lake and has a great communication with other folks and his team of guides to keep current on what is happening to help read the lake. That was cool to see.

    Had to go out this afternoon and see if I could duplicate at least within a couple of hours not only the electronics reading but the area…went back to Stewart and use the electronics just as Brian had shown me and although it was not as packed as yesterday I did Catch one on the Alabama rig and missed on two other strikes…PROGRESS!!! Also went to one other area just to try out the things learned…didn’t see anything, tried anyways for 15 min. I only had a couple of hours…very encouraged.

    Thank you Brian for a great trip. Thanks for the schooling -all the way around. I look forward to doing this again in time over some different seasons. For me it was perfect for growing in more elements of this hard work activity of catching Bass and look forward to going again with Brian sometime after I hone some more skills and understanding of the environment of this lake.

    Just a grandpa trying to do the leg work for when the grand kids are old enough….


    shanebeaty replied 6 years, 5 months ago 1 Member · 1 Reply
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  • shanebeaty

    September 11, 2017 at 3:37 am

    Thanks for the detailed note about your experience bruceclayton. This class is something I would definitely want to take very soon.

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