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  • Posted by Brian on January 12, 2016 at 10:40 pm

    Yesterday I went from 12pm-4pm with Trey. The water is now below 5ft and between 2ft-5ft clarity above Jefferson Pike. They were pulling lake
    down 4,800, you could see the water flowing by the buoys and stumps.

    We launched at Jefferson Springs and went up under the bridge to the first flat on the left. Sitting in 18ft and casting to the channel
    ledge in 4ft-6ft with A-rigs and swimbaits we focused around any wood we came across. With our electronics we found a big school of bait
    and larger fish around the green channel buoy next to the white PVC pole. These fish were sitting in 10ft-15ft, but were reluctant to
    bite. We idled up a little to where the flat started to transition to the bluff wall. Trey tied on a 4″ Strike King sexy spoon and
    started casting to the back side if the island in 4ft. After 5 minutes he caught a solid keeper around a sunken tree! This was the only
    bite we got here.

    We motored into the West Fork and stopped at the blown out bridge 1/4 mile in. The water temperature was 49 degrees and super clear.
    Pitching 1/4oz shaky heads with green trick worms and 1/2oz green pumpkin jigs to the deep rock bank we had 0 bites. Once we reached the
    end of the bluff wall I picked up my single 4″ Berkley Hollow Belly swimbait in shad color pattern and made a long cast to the mud flat.
    Sitting in 18ft and casting into 6ft I let my lure sink to the bottom and then retrieved slowly. On my second cast…tick…it felt like
    a crappie bite, but I knew it was a big girl. I set the hook and she started shaking her head back and forth! I fought her to the boat
    and swung in a 4.5lb! I made around 15 more cast without a bite and then started casting up the channel near a tree sticking our of the
    water…..BOOM! Here we go again, but this time the fish got off after I set the hook. I started reeling my lure in…BOOM…she came
    back for more! This time I stuck her good and then swung her into the boat….4lb! We made 50 more cast without another bite and
    decided to move.

    I traveled into the East Fork and scanned the blown out bridge before the East Fork boat ramp, nobody home. Scanned the 840 bridge and
    saw a few fish, but decided to keep moving. Up a little further to where the bluff wall is cut into(there is a gas pipe sign here). We
    marked fish off the bottom around some big boulders in 12ft out in front of the sign. I backed off and tried my a-rig, swimbait, and shaky head…
    ..nada. We went up a little further to a channel swing with big laydown trees hanging into the water. Casting swimbaits and a-rigs to
    the edge of the trees, letting sink to the bottom, and then retrieving slowly…nada. The water temperature was 45 which was quite cooler
    than the West Fork.

    We cruise out of the East Fork and stopped right at the intersection of the East and West Fork. I marked some fish on the flat on the
    right going down lake and pulled out my spoon. The water temperature was back to 48, clarity was 3ft. We fished the entire flat/ledge
    and finally caught another fish around 2lbs at the end of the flat. There were several larger fish surfacing behind us so we idled over
    and found a ton of big fish on the bottom. We parked the boat behind them in 22ft and made long cast with spoons(which we lost both),
    a-rigs and swimbaits without a bite. The sun was falling and it was starting to freeze so we packed it up.

    All and all, great afternoon on the water. I caught 2 big fish and did some educational scanning. Two more fish
    would have given us a good sack….wish we had a little more time.

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