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  • Posted by Brian on January 14, 2017 at 4:01 am

    Today was another day for the books! I fished with a great client from 7 to 1 p.m. and we caught 10 bass with 9 of them being keepers. Our best five weighed 21+lbs with our biggest fish weighing 6.75 pounds! We started like I have been the last few days in the back of Spring Creek. Fishing the flat across from the finger coves with tried a Heddon spook Jr in white and red Heddon one knocker in chartreuse. We cast to the flat across from the finger coves and worked our way around heading out of the creek. After fishing the flat without any bites moved to the bluff wall on the right and sat in the channel at 10 feet and threw to the rock flat transition in 1-3 feet. We had our first fish there at 3.5lbs. The water temperature was 55 degrees with 1.5ft visibility. We continue out the entire Creek fishing all the bluff walls and rock transitions. I was shocked because it was cloudy, 60 degrees, and the water was in the 50s. The only difference was there was no wind at this time and it was very flat. I decided to go over to Fall Creek and try my shaky head worm and topwater spook. The other day I caught a few good size fish on a spook in the back where the water was 52 degree water. At the last bluff wall on thr right is where we were catching them. With hopes of catching a few decent fish the we idled to the back and found that it was very clear with 1.5ft – 2ft visibility and the water temperature at the mouth where I start across from the boat ramp was 54 – 55 degrees! It had risen 5 degrees in the last 2 days. This is a normal March situation so I figured I’d stick with my March pattern with the spooks. We fished the entire stump row on the left down the first flat. After the PVC pole on the left my client called a 4 pounder right next to the big tree sticking out of the water. We fished all the way to the back trying are spooks, Alabama rigs, and shaky heads without another bite. Feeling like the last fish was just a fluke I didn’t expect much else out of the creek We got all the way to the back where the bluff wall is on the right and I had a monster blow up on my spook. I fought the fish for a while around the boat and then we netted the 6.75 pound largemouth! Today was another day for the books! I finished with her a great client from 7 to 1 p.m. and we caught in bass with 9 of them being keepers. Our best v Wade 21 and a half pounds with our biggest fish weighing 6.75 pounds! We stayed in the back for 45 minutes with only one other bite and decided to work our way out again. I did manage to catch one small keeper on my Alabama Rig off the bluff wall. Once we reached the front of the creek we started fishing we continued with our spooks casting into the stumps. The first stump offered a giant fish…….4 pounder after an aggressive fight! The next hour we went back and forth over this flat with stumps catching 6 keepers in the 3-4 pound range! It was an amazing day that I’ll never forget. Can’t wait to get out again. Sunday and Monday I’ll be out crappie fishing in the pontoon boat and hopefully have a great report for everyone.


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