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  • Posted by Brian on January 14, 2015 at 4:00 am

    Was out today with a couple regular clients. My plan was to head up into the river, but it was now chocolate milk from the recent rain. It amazes me how fast the clear water can turn to mud and rise on Priest. So, I new where I had to go.

    We started in the back of Spring Creek and never left. The water in the back of the creek at the finger coves was muddy as well, but there was still a little clearer water near some of the banks. Also, the water temperature was 53 instead of 44 in the main channel! I started with my trustworthy Heddon Spook Jr in blue/clear and my clients tried shad raps(sr5 in shad color) and jerkbaits(shad color). Casting to the mud flat across from the finger coves all the way down to the feeder creek mouth we only had one blow-up on the spook and a 3lb on a white 1/2oz Hoppy’s spinnnerbait with swimming fluke jr for a trailer. Once we passed the feeder creek the water clarity increased and the shad were everywhere! I tied on shad raps in shad pattern for my clients and we started casting into the bait. The bass were breaking the surface here and there as we cast around the boat. After 5 minutes…..BOOM, 2lb! Moments later…BOOM, 1lb. The water temperature was 43 now! As fun as it was catching a few bass it did not feel like we were on a productive pattern for big fish. I started trolling quickly to the warmer water and when we reached the mouth of the feeder creek we caught another 2.5lb on the Hoppy’s spinnerbait on the left point. The ticket was casting into the current and slow rolling the bait back. I continued back to the flat across the finger coves and as soon as we approached…POW, 3lb on the spinnerbait again! I had one decent bass demolish my spook and I tied on another spook and Live Target popper for my clients. For the next 1.5 hours we stayed right there in 6ft casting on the rocks in 1ft. We did not get a ton of bites, but we caught a 2lb, 2.5, 3lb and 4lb! After we went awhile without another bite we motored near the mouth of Spring Creek and tried to fish a few laydowns for crappie. The north wind was blowing right on us and after 30 minutes with no bites and our fingers freezing we decided to go back to our honey hole. During the last 30 minutes we caught 2 more good fish, a 2.5lb and 3.5lb!

    Great day on the water! The next couple days back there will be good until the current slows down.

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