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  • Posted by Brian on January 16, 2018 at 5:14 pm

    Yesterday I fished from 7:30 to 2:30 p.m. We had high hopes of an action packed day like the last two trips. We put in at Jefferson Pike and headed to Fall Creek. To no surprise…… the mouth of Fall Creek was a sheet of ice for 200 yards! We started to break through the ice, but realized it was not going to work. We turned around frustrated and went into Spring Creek.

    We went straight to the back and started at the mouth of the feeder creek. We fished with 3/16oz shaky heads with Zoom Trick worms(420 color) and 1/4oz finesse jigs in brown/orange. Throughout the entire creek the water temperature was 55 degrees with 6ft clarity. It was upper 40s – 50 throughout the rest of the creek. We caught 4 short bass and saw about 30, including several quality keepers! After 2.5 hours we decided to go back to Fall Creek and try again, but further to the right of the channel where somebody else broke through.

    We made it through the ice by me stopping with my feet from the front of the boat and using the trolling motor. After we got to the other side we idled 50 yards just to find another 200 yard patch of ice!!! We had no options but to turn around and go out. My next thought was to go up in the river. We fished the blown out bridge where the water temperature was 43 degrees. We had no luck there casting swimbaits, Alabama rigs, 6xd Strike King sexy Shad crankbaits, and shaky heads. We went up two turns further into the West Fork and fished two bluff walls with no action. I decided to come back out with an hour left and fished the bluff wall on the left just down from the East and West Fork intersection. We threw jigs, shaky heads, and Alabama rigs. I caught one on an a-rig down the bluff wall and then with just 10 minutes left we fished the bluff/flat transition. We quickly caught another bass on the AL rig off the drop off followed by another! I turned around and scanned the ledge finding a big school of bass! I parked the boat back out in 24ft and cast into 4ft. The fish were sitting in 12-16ft so you have to let your bait get all the way to the bottom. Once you did you would get a bite. We caught 3 more and then had to leave for the day. It was fun catching those fish at the end, but most of the day was tough. All and all, okay day……I could not believe Fall Creek froze that quickly! I like winter, but I’m kinda ready for spring.

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