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  • Posted by Brian on January 3, 2017 at 1:41 am

    Saturday I fished the morning tournament with BCGS guide, Justin Armstead. We had an amazing day catching 25-30 fish….. all on topwater lures! My plan was to start in the back of Spring Creek where I saw some fish busting the day before on the surface. The air temperature was in the mid 30’s with clouds and a steady 10mph NW wind, which was perfect for a topwater bite. When pulled up to the back of Spring Creek the water had 1.5ft visibility at 55 degrees. The main Lake was 50-51 degrees. We started on the flat across from the finger coves both working our spooks. I had on a Heddon Junior spook in red/white and Justin had a Strike King Sexy Dawg in sexy shad color. With the boat and 4-6ft we cast on top of the mud flat and working our spooks slowly back. Our first passed down the flat when we reach the boulder rocks, BOOM, 3lb largemouth! We continue further and caught 3 more short fish. We went back and forth for an hour catching another 4lb on the way back up near the same spot! We were fishing that area pretty hard so we started moving around. I trolled to the other side of the channel and we cast to all of the rock points of the little finger coves. We caught 4-5 short bass and lost a big one. We continue down that bank heading out of the creek and parked the boat at the end of the bluff wall on the right. We fished the bluff wall transition up to where the rocks meet the mud flat. We caught 5 more, but no keepers. We cut over to the left side of the channel and tried the mud flat and boulder rocks over there. We caught 3 more short fish and then I caught a 3lb off the boulder rocks! Now we had three fish for a little over 10 pounds with several hours to go. We moved up to the next rock point on the left. We caught 3 three more fish, including another 3 pounder! We fished all the rocks around the white PVC out the middle without another bite and then moved out of the creek further to where the creek splits when you come in. We fished around the PVC pole on the point and caught our fifth keeper…… 2 pounder. We fished that area for little while without and decided to go back to our first spot. We started on the mud flat where we began the morning and caught a few more, but they were all short. Bounced around the same areas catching two more keepers, we culled one of them. We knew we had 15 or 16 pounds and needed a big fish to get us into the upper teens or 20 pounds. I decided to move to Stewart Creek and try my spook in the back. Once we got back there was another boat in the area and the water was only 50 to 51 degrees so I knew it wouldn’t have been productive back there with the spook. We fished the bank on the left as the creek narrows in the back. I tred my Alabama Rig and Justin tried his jig, catching more fish on Alabama Rig. The last 30 minutes of the day we fished the bluff wall at the Weakley lane bridge. The water was very muddy and had good current….. good for a big fish to be caught on a jig, but we never got a bite. We headed in to see where the chips fell. We finished in fourth place. Third place was 2 ounces more than us and first and second pound has had 20 pounds each. The first two spots had a five or six pounder, which is all we needed boost us up in the 20-pound range. An amazing day! Wish they were all like this. Can’t wait to get back out there. I’m also ready to see what the crappie are up to now that the lake is clearing.

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  • blockel

    January 3, 2017 at 5:13 pm

    Man, what a day! I was finally starting to feel good about what I was able to catch this weekend and than you tell me two boats caught 20#?! 😆 Any clue what the 1st and/or 2nd place guys were doing? I could be wrong but I’d guess they were fishing the springs too…?

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